Monday, November 21, 2005

Tribute to Jade's Blog Readers Part 1

Dear friends and readers of my blog,

I take this post to pay tribute to my loyal readers and commentators. For without you all, I am a lesser man.

1. Qin Shi Huang :
Your first welcome is truly treasured. Its like stepping off the landing pod on the moon and saying, "I'm the first". Mr Emperor loves to write in chinese. Somehow, my abilities in the chinese language is quite limited. I can speak alittle though(aww... come on, sales need it). Highly recommended site for readers who love chinese writings and deep musings. A very wise man. I like the words you spurt forth (when its in English of course) because it carries a very mature aura with it. I am also glad that your link page is growing. It shows growth my friend. Keep it growing. It does create a unique pleasant effect on your interested readers. Truly. Your support for Jade's Blog has been recorded here in my online journal. I really like your musings (In English of course). So do read Qin Shi Huang's blog because this guy is knowledgeble and super cheena. It has been noted that recently he went Karaoke with fellow bloggers! Hehehe....

Thank you Brother Qin Shi Huang.

2. Spinnee :
This is a very tough lady. At least in my impression. She has an amazing number of female cartoon avatars which you see whenever she post comments. It constantly changes. I suspect she loves fashion. The music on her blog is varied and interesting. Figured maybe she likes clubbing. Or maybe in the past. Spinnee has been a very strong supporter of this blog. Although she is seen flying to so many blogs and spinning around, I have always treasured her comments for me. Yes, I roughed through a phrase which was very tough for me. Realised that it wasn't a one-stop but a journey in life. I did learn alot during this phase of my life. However so, without Spinnee's thoughtful and timely encouragement, my journey would have been alittle harder to travel on. Although dunno why no one gets linked on Spinnee's blog, she does write much about a heartlander's working life. Her blog is funky and sometimes fury is expressed through her writings. Make a friend. Make a friend with Spinnee, she will spin you round and you can't get it out of your head.

Thank you for your dedicated readings and support here. Cheers!

3. Old Beng :
Old Beng is quite a recent addition to my cohort of readers. He has got an interesting alikeness to Qin Shi Huang's Cheena blog! Its a good thing he has some Ang Mo in his entries. At least I would not be squinting my eyes, blinking at the tough cheena characters. Hehehe.... My advice to readers is go browse his blog quickly! He has got interesting dog pics and BLOGGER's PICS! They went Karaoke with a bunch of others. Go find our who they are as quite a few are mentioned here. Saw Xishi squirming too..... hehehe..... Old Beng asked me if he could link my blog to his. The truth is, I think its any blogger's honour if their blogs were chosen to be linked. I dun even ask for permission. Rather, if the blogger has a problem with my linking, then let him raise it with me and I will take it down. But I would like the world to read about my fellow blogger's ramblings and musings. Keep it up Beng!

Thanks for linking. Keep on inking!

4. Hiao Auntie :
I am so touched by what HA said. She rushed over the moment someone told her my blog reopened. Your actions speaks louder than words can mean. I take a bow to you. I will not do any more disappearing acts. My magic tricks were confiscated by the support of so many people around me. I am sorry for saddening anyone and making anyone worried, especially Hiao Auntie. Because you have said it, now I know. I learnt from someone that "You must say it, then I will know". Another point you raised was about my emotional weakness. Yes, I agree. Weak I will be when I fail. But iron-clad strong I will be when my wind blows. This is me, my dear friend. Its hard to try not to be who I am. I have to learn to manage my emotions and if I dun, I know I will be hurt. This is life. I have learnt to accept it the hard way. My pool table is definitely open to you guys to come and play someday. Dun worry, chalk included. Would u like 1 rack 1 beer? Maybe we arrange this somewhere in Dec 2005. Nov alittle too rush. Private message me if there is any alternative suggestion. Once again, thank you for your immense remarkable concern.

Appreciate what you did more than you would think.

5. Elaine :
Elaine is a Uni student still struggling throught her exams now. She keeps a blog and documents down even cooking recipes. She is Broken Promise Valerie's good friend and is a constant source of inspiration to Broken Promise. Her youth has not diminished her maturity and while her blog exhibits that trait, her lamentations have good reasons. Knew her through Valerie. They all seems one big gang. Hehehe...... And thank you for coming here when the news spread like wild-fire. Your effort has been treasured. Hope readers will go to her blog and encourage her in her studies! Dun give up! You are doing just fine.

Keep going girl!

6. Ghost :
Ghost is probably the best romance novelist I know. The way he writes his sentimental musings leaves the reader desiring to hear more and more. No, we definitely do not fault him even though he laments his true life story. Its a deliciously tasty storyline. He does not rattle too long leaving readers uninterested (except for the Nigerian Scam, sianz.....) and his amazing ability to keep readers glued to the monitor screen constantly hungering for more and almost desiring it like drugs. My Brother, You are great. Really. Your blog is highly recommended and I do recommend it although you very bad, didn't link me. hehehe....

Thanks for sticking around. Appreciated.

7. Broken Promise :
Valerie, thank you for being a friend. I cannot thank u enough. I enjoy looking at your pics posted in ur blog. You are a frank person. Volatile too sometimes. Your blog has many links with pics. Interesting. You are a good picture thief. Hehehe..... I will always pay attention to your blog. Keep it up. Wanna see more information and pictures. You sure got lotsa spies around. Your absolute support shown for me is awesome. You are like my supporting juggernaunt. Means Big Supporter.

I cannot thank you enough.

8. 美女琦琦 :
I forgot how you came into my blog. I figured from someone else's blog. Thank you for welcoming me back into blogging world. Its kinda fun sometimes ain't it? Just realised you are Singaporean who is interested in Japanese! That explains your blog the way it is. I really thought you were Japanese! You have joined Spinnee and Auntie Hiao in having cutesy female cartoon avatars. You appear lively and young indeed. Keep you bubbliness intact. Sooner or later its gonna rub off on us all. Readers will find her blog colourful and like a little christmas fantasy land. Your blog has one of the most interesting sidebars any blog ever had. Keep it up young lady! Cheers.

Thank you for coming.

9. Lydia Hedy
Your incredible support and encouragement is my pride. Your words linger with me. Your guidance has become the light in my darkness.

This lady has extremely great amount of influence in my life. Probably the most influence. I respect her a great deal and know her personally. In fact more than personally. She is my Elder Sister. Thus she wields the arcane power of influence. Owed alot to her. For her wisdom and sharing spirit. I am proud to be your brother. Words are not enough to summarise my gratitude for all you have done for me.

Thank you for so much that which you have done.

*I will stop here for now. Too much to dedicate and write. I need to rest. I do feel good giving my time to my fellow bloggers. At least I dedicated 1 post to them all, I would feel glad in my heart. I badly need to rest. The rest of the bloggers not mentioned, pls do wait up for my next post. It will come. Just that, I am dead tired. I write with honest truth. Till then, thank you for so much. Cheers.


Blogger sÞ¡ηηєє said...

Nice post tribute :) It's really interesting to see what's your impression on the fellow bloggers.

Contradicting, I'm someone who don't indulged in fashion (real life). Must have tons of money if I wanna be into fashion, 'cuz I only settle for the best quality i.e. clothes etc.

Yes I love clubbing, but I seldom visit there nowadays. The crowd 'cannot make it'.

As for the linking part.. I'll leave to everyone's imagination ..wahhahaha

Thx for the comments anyway. Cheers

8:43 AM  
Blogger 孺子牛 said...


一山还有一山高,there is always someone who has a greater ability in Chinese, personally I have encountered one of them who have left a comment in my blog.

I learned to write/read better Chinese few years back when I have to communicate with my China's counterpart. You need to have the environment that encourages you to learn it, and I am just lucky to have it.


9:42 AM  
Blogger J.J. said...

wow!!! You really got saleman 本色.

I'm really impressed by your ability of expression.

10:06 AM  
Blogger old beng said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:36 AM  
Blogger old beng said...

ha ha you said it all man with your indepth observations and penning your views on us.

The Cheena posts in my blogs were those written by me 15 to 16 years ago. Have not been writing in Chinese for some years.

Glad that you have decided to re-open your blog. keep it up, bro.

10:37 AM  
Blogger GhOsT said...


Hey, I very shy one ley...

Thank you!!!

2:26 PM  
Blogger Jaslyn said...

Oie! Why dont hv my name? Hahhaa.. Kidding lah. Nice post :)

5:58 PM  
Blogger Jade Falcon Elite said...

Spinnee : I have always thought it good to pay tribute to my regular blog readers because you guys have proven faithful. I do not need many friends, a few faithful ones will do.

Qin Shi Huang : Bro, ur chinese is really good. Very impressive. Few have your chinese writing style. One of the best. But my chinese really cannot make it. But I still thank God you still come here.

JJ : Yup, I am a Salesman. I do have that flair. Believe and you can achieve. Hope you introduce more about yourself in your own blog. Me no idea about you at all. Kekeke....

Old Beng : Thanks for sticking around. U have good chinese too. Really. Like what Spinnee says, sometimes its good to hear from fellow bloggers what their opinions of us are. Believe me, they are mostly good. What abt the bad ones? Too much chinese. Me cannot read. Hahahaha..... Thank you for suppporting the reopening of my blog.

Ghost : Hahahaha..... never seen a shy ghost. But give us more stories. I wanna read. U ever gang bang? If have, write la... sure shiok shoik to hear. Hehehee.... You are always welcome my friend.

Jaslyn : Jaslyn girl, there is a part two to this tribute. I really spent time writing the article. The reason why it took longer than usual is because I really think about what I wanna say. Although I am not trying to write an essay, still I hope what I said is right. Thus I really mean it. Its a promise I will continue the tribute tonight. This time round, I will be posting articles quite fast. Probably everyday or two. See how. Watch out for yours girl, will not leave you out. Ur support here is too important to leave u or anyone out.

Cheers! Watch out for part 2.

9:39 PM  
Blogger Hiao Auntie said...

hello bro
no need thank me lah... i blushing liao... you appreciate my concern can liao lah... blog on okie

11:04 PM  
Blogger Jade Falcon Elite said...

Okie Hiao Auntie!

I appreciate ur concern. I love honesty. Ur honesty is treasured.

Thanks A Thousand

3:21 AM  
Blogger jOhO said...

Hi Jade Falcon,

Got here from Jas' blog.. she mentioned you before so i thought i'd pop by, and realised, we have the same principal, bro anthony tan... same year somemore i think! if i counted correctly, 1988 i was in pri 6 in MSHS too (born 1976). but quite honestly, if you told me your full name, i'd probably won't recall even if you were the one sitting next to me in class. my maris stella days are TOTALLY foggy, except of course i know it's at bartley road and we used to go to wat's the other school opposite, for technical studies...

anywayz.. hope u're doing well!

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know nobody here and nobody knows me. But I do know a honest and a "sucker for love" guy when I see one. Anyone who takes time to thank his friends knows the true meaning of love!! He hee...Been reading the blog for the first time. You seem truly loved by your fellow bloggers or friends I would say is more appropriate. You celebrate beauty and love in a way I admire and feel for too. I'm not shy to say that being emotional is not a bad thing. Being deprived of emotions or attempting to deaden anything we feel is tragic. Cause I know I have never lived if I had not gone through heartaches, been loved, lost love, received love and most of all being able to love. So in respect of that, I too am relieved that I wasn't counted out of your blog. Would have missed out so much!! Keep the blog going, you are beloved!! Karina

10:56 AM  
Blogger J.J. said...


Introduce more about myself ?

hehe... will be revealed through my postings gradualy.

12:06 PM  
Blogger Jade Falcon Elite said...

Wow! Thanks for coming here! I will link u too! Somehow I find u absolutely familiar. I know I have seen you in Maris Stella before. My name is Daniel Ling Sin Huat. School Team Athletics. They used to call me Father Daniel. Too devoted. I was with the gang with Yihui, Benny, Guoyong etc. U were quite low profile in those days. I could only remember your face but not your name. Its nice to be able to chat up an old school mate and yes, we were school mates. Thank God one surfaced.

U do know somebody here. And somebody here knows you. Its me. Yes I am an absolute "sucker for love" and I am not shy to admit that. If someone doesn't appreciate this emotional aspect of me, I will not impose it on anyone. Its not as if I will love everyone. I totally agree with you that we should celebrate love. Sometimes it comes in different packages. Some come in gift wrapped packages while others come unwrapped. The best surprises always come wrapped. It takes time and effort to unopen it. When its open, its usually sweeter and better.

Yes, I think its important to love my fellow bloggers. I do not wanna to take things for granted and assume that my fellow bloggers will always suppport me. They are all worth my while to thank them.

I can tell that u r a hopeless romantic yourself and that u have gone thru much in your love life. To know even 1 person who celebrates the idea of true love, I would take my hat off you and take a bow. Please do continue coming here and leave me your thoughts on love. Thank you my friend.

Hahaha... ok. Look forward to seeing u post more about yourself. Dun let me keep thinking that u r a Jap! Hehehe... thank u, u r kinda cute.


12:44 PM  

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