Sunday, July 31, 2005

Movie Review :Stealth, Guitar & Grace Low

Movie Review : Stealth

Here's my review of the movie Stealth. Frankly....... hell of a great show!!! Very good graphics and excellent plot. Enough excitement to glue you to your seat and will keep you from wanting to go to the loo. By the way, Jessica Biel is such a babe!!!

Comrade dying, technological malfunction, technology with emotions, political fallout, superb flying stunts, marvellous animated munitions shooting through the sky, squad member ditched behind enemy lines and running for her life!!! One word : Fantastic! Then again, females who dislike military happenings and only enjoy romantic sentimental movies may not like this action packed show. Definitely worth your dollar. The cinematography, art direction, graphic animation and strong story line makes this movie a hell of a show!! Thumbs up!!!

Verdict : 9.5/10 (Adrenaline pumping and solid! If you do not watch this show, then what the hell you wanna watch???!!!)

Asset Display : My Guitar

This is my guitar. Yamaha APX-5A. Got it for like 600?? Its a little thing that I treasure. It can produce beautiful music to my ears if my fingers would cooperate with me. Well, sometimes they do. I have been playing guitar since I was 14 years old. Been playing quite sometime but not exactly dwelling deeply into it. I do not think I am John Lennon or anyone close. Just a casual player. Used to play for church cell groups when I was a teenager but its been 10 years back.

Had fond memories of those days when I was in church and playing christian music. The fellowship I adored, the friends I made were wonderful, how I miss those days! James happens to be one of those few remnant ones left over from those days. My favourite guitar would have been an Ovation Guitar. Not that its a fantastic acoustic guitar, but its simply a guitar that I have got to know since young and secretly envied. This acoustic guitar of mine bloody requires a battery to operate so that the jack-in could actually work. But I love this guitar. My favourite piece of music would have been "Into Your Courts", a christian music piece by plucking.

I like music alot, I believe music can instil courage, fear, hope, love and patriotism in oneself.

Music does many things for human emotions however, I noticed that few people would actually put in the effort to listen more often to music pieces. There is this colleague of mine, Grace Low as she would like herself to be called, enjoys going to plays, musical and especially symphonies! Wow... impressive I must say by most standards. That's because most of us heartlanders do not actually pay much attention to what goes on at the SISTIC outlets. But Grace's passion for this particular musical interest has gotten me smiling. Rare breed considering what line we are from. Automotive Sales Industry that is.

Personally, I do share her passion too though to a much lesser extent. I remember once watching Richard Clayderman's Piano Concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium with Irene Lee, a self-taught little pianist. Just loved the "Ballade Pour Adeline". Sounds good la..... I would hope to catch the muscial "STOMP". Heard the tickets are already on sale and there are only 11 or 12 performances I think. Debut date in September. I think if given the opportunity and time, everyone should join Grace's interest in music concerts. I adore her love for it.

Hmmm..... Grace. A petite lady who really can brighten one's day with her electric smile. An extremely photogenic girl. She is a friendly lady who is soft spoken, given her size (small frame lady) and her genuine approach to social friends. She kinda seats a seat away from me at the office and her bubbly nature would always permeate our working environment and its like she's the sun, shooting rays of joy and laughter into our mundane boring life. A beautician in the past, she herself is quite a beauty. Didn't intend to bring her into picture until I decide to talk about my guitar and music. I have an observation about Grace. She LOVES "Roti Boy". I suspect she's the advertising persona for the bread. Keke....

This pretty young lady joined my company somewhere in January or February 2005 and has very much proven herself professionally and socially. I do not doubt her sincerity and the funny thing about her is..... she is probably the most chatty person I have ever met! If you guys have any party, you should bring her along because she will liven up the entire atmosphere with her unending unceasing joyful speeches! Such is the ability and talent as a Sales Person. Really can talk. Very sweet! Hehehe..... A nice colleague and may Santa Claus remember that she's been a good girl and give her a big present! Cheers Grace!

"We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey."

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Keane and the 7 Swords

Okie!!! Finally I get to blog again!! I have been busy doing some funny stuffs lately and had little opportunities to update my blog. Now with new character introduction!! This is always the fun and exciting part. Some of my colleagues were like jumping worried that their published faces may achieve notoriety and were adamant about not publishing their beautiful faces. I wonder why should they be so worried unless they haven't been treating me well thus the fear of repercussions. Keke.... then again, I am not quite such a bad guy, am I? (wicked grin)

Ok, today its my honour to introduce to you Keane, a 28yr man of honour. Leau was first introduced to me by Dennis. They deal in Automotive Film for car windows. He's the Executive-In-Charge at Nanolux. I have known him for about 8 months and he has proven himself to be an extremely hardworking person who would try his best to go the extra mile. Ok, just to clarify matters, he didn't pay me commission to write a testimonial for him. Keke.... He's good, really good thus this little compliment for him.

He also plays CounterStrike and uses the nick Leau, thus his nick here. Good player too. Charges very often with carbine, brave lad, but dies often too!! Hehe..... He has an able physique and rather good looking chap. Sorry ladies, he's taken. No... not attached and that's not bad news, the bad news is he's MARRIED!!! Hahaha...... he's fortunate to have been married with a beautiful young lady Grace. Will introduce her to our readers here someday if I can lay my hands on her pictures!! Anyone wanna see her pictures here? Tell me by writing into the tag board okie??!!

Lately, I have been going to California Fitness Centre with Keane. My, my, he sure is on fire for gym activities. He enjoys building up a toned body and I am like wondering how lucky his wife is. Isn't it cool when the gal's man has a great build?? Literally steam sia....... hahaha...... Grace lucky la...... So its a good idea to let this man train. Come on, Give The Man A Tiger!

One interesting I find about this Keane, is that I find him honest and frank. He's not one that gives bull shit talk but tries his best to accomodate the feelings of people. Very sporting and fun to be with. With him around in any party or events, you can be sure you will have hell of a wild time. I would always be upset if Keane wasn't joining us for activities coz he's really a good sport. Drives a FIT. Of course FIT la.... he likes to keep fit mah....... remember?? Hahaha.... Ladies, if you wanna get to know him, sure, write into the Chat Board. He does read the articles here you know? Maybe your lucky stars will shine! Hahaha.....

Movie Review : 7 Swords

This movie directed by Tsui Hark has fallen short of my expectations. I did kinda think that the sword play would be fanciful and elaborate however, the filming is slightly jerky with few scenes that we would gasp for. Maybe the excitement factor is simply not there. With top notch actors like Leon Lai, the show fails to stop us from yawning. Not that its that bad, but maybe my expectations were alittle too much.

Even Charlene Yeong's leading actress role is a joke. Poor fighter that suddenly turns into a great fighter. Amazing. Too amazing. The story line is not too bad, has some common sense put into it. Cinematography and quality of filming is considered average. It will still be quite a treat for martial art fans. Do watch it anyhow because for there are very few chinese movies being made these days and missing this show would only alienate us from the Asian chinese productions. Skip the pirated vcd thingy will ya guys??? Support our movie industry la... 9 bucks ain't too much is it?

Overall Verdict : 7/10 ( Still can watch it for its entertainment value, may have episode 2 for all you know)

Pool Report : Trained once again to get used to my new playing tip. Not bad, kinda getting used to it. Its quite good actually. The spins are alot more effective now than it used to be. Harder tip resulting in a different knocking sound emitted when playing cue contacts the cue ball for a shot at object ball. Doing well so far.

I will change the music background here once a week. Alternative between English and Mandarin songs okie??

Some people must be wondering why the heck do I wanna keep a blog considering that I am already 29. Blogs are like an online diary. It allows me to express my thoughts and feelings. Its my own world. Its meant for me. Its how I would like to track my life and history. My focus in my blog is :

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Colleagues
  • Work / Career
  • Interest / Hobbies
  • Current Affairs
  • Entertainment / Movie Reviews

There has been alot of mud slinging in recent blog entries. Mine would not be one of them. Blogging has become rather famous actually. I have set up on the right sidebar, "Interesting Links" and you would notice I linked some of Singapore's Famous Blogs. They are Singapore's leading Bloggers and worth a read just to see why they are famous. Other links belong to some of my friends and my interest links like pool and computer gaming.

I do not like to sling mud at anyone. I'd rather my blog be a positive one so that I would always look at it and there would be little negatives about it. Of course that doesn't mean I will not put up the truth about negative feelings I encounter during the daily course of my life. When I need to blast someone and something, believe me, I will. Kekeke..... but that's kinda serious. My blog is about myself and my events. Maybe in the next few days I will put up some pictures of my private possessions etc etc. Show you guys my kennel..... My Den..... Until then, do say hi to Keane okie??!! Have a happy day my friends!!!

"Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul"

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Vivian Chin & My Cue Tip

Good day to all of you!!! Ok, today a new introduction to all of you!!! As you can see, the lady on the left you guys already know her as Kristina.
The lady on the right is know is Vivian!!! Ok ok I know, she likes *Birds* Hehehe...... A sweet young lady who is a mother to one. Lives in the far north and travels in her humble march. She speaks in her ever oh so fluent mandarin and believe me, she can trick you into believing that she is a malaysian girl with the deliberate slang that which you would hear from most malaysian chinese gals!!! I have heard it before. Try and get her to speak in a malaysian slang and you would be laughing till your light bulbs burst! Kekeke.... She looks kinda dark too.... strange. However, still a very pretty lady and at least SIA thinks so. She's a former Air-Stewardess!! Ohhh.... Someone did mention that her grandmother is Peranakan or something like that thus her darker than usual skin tone but still amazingly sugary looking! I stand to be corrected there regarding the grandmother thingy.
Vivian played CounterStrike and her nick name is Hawk. She is also my colleague in Automotive sales. Can be pretty unreasonable at times and I can attest to that. Strong-willed and feministic. Not that its a bad thing but tough guys can simply just stay away because you are gonna get burnt. Always sticking around with Roger with whom I will also introduce in the near future. Hard working girl who has her own mind about life and is unassuming. I have also enjoy smiles and laughter with her many a times. She can be quite a darling when she wants to. Sharp, witty, fierce, strong and sweet-looking.
So here it is, another of my colleague introduced to the audience. The next introduction of characters in my life will be a male. Hehehe.... hhmmmm.... I wonder who..... The above opinions about the mentioned individual is very much my own subjective opinion and bears no assumption of any kind or type.
Pool Report : Lost 7-6 in a race to 7 racks 9 ball game to James. Bloody hell, had a change of my cue tip to Thomas M tip and then I realised that the entire playing experience had literally changed!!! Even simple straight pots became seemingly tough!! Coach told me its because I am still not familiar with the new cue tip so it will take me alittle while to get used to it. I did play it through and although I am far from being sharp, I could feel the added effectiveness the tip is giving me in its contact, aim and spins. I just need to "own" the feel of the cue stick for now and hope for a complete understanding of my new cue tip.
Watched KK.Chan and William Ang play at Pool Fusion 3. Known to be Singapore's top 4 players in 9 Ball pool. Even the Taiwanese coach who teaches top class TaiPei players was there getting more than a bird's eye view of the game. Exchanging tit for tat, both players showed exemplary class in their gameplay. Their stroking of the Cue Stick, Aim and understanding of the game is impeccable! Wow.... hope to be like them someday soon. I will not let anyone pour cold water on my passionate ambition. Its just something I really wanna achieve, and that is to be Singapore's Top 40 pool players. I believe I can do it. My friends may not believe in me but I only need myself and my passion. I know I can do it.
There are people who ask me why I use nicks. Why not? Protecting the identity of individuals to a certain extent helps in protecting their privacy. Of course their pictures are here but having their real name published can be quite an issue. Well put it this way, its a matter of time when one day I will put down everyone's real name to replace all the green nick names. By then, the jigsaw puzzle will be complete and the mystery which you may have been daunted by, solved. Hehehe.... until that day comes..... Ciao!!! Update : Names all replaced dated 11th August 2005.
"Don't Belittle, Be BIG!"

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Movie Review : Sin City

Ok, tonight we have movie review!! Hmm.... Sin City. Sounds cool. Actually its Basin City but somehow the "Ba" got lost in translation. Hahaha.... nah.... its suppose to mean a city full of violence and being a R21 film, yes, its truly truly violent in many ways.
Adapted from Frank Miller's graphic novels, SIN CITY is Robert Rodriguez's striking film noir infused with fantasy, taking place in a world where it is eternally nighttime and everything is drenched in rain and violence.
We have Bruce Willis who takes the role of a macho wise man who tries his best at protecting a little kid girl who grows up to be a super babe, Jessica Alba. Wa.... really super chio. Can really dance too. When her body snakes and curls, my mind can't think straight too!! Hehe... Power of charm. Even handsome dude Clive Owen's magnificient display of acting is impressive to think that he usually snares only supporting actors' role. There is a character in the film by the name of Marv, wa lau..... super tok kong!!! Ultra tough...... Aoki is one female whom I would never wanna get close. Stylish but super brutal. And I mean damn damn brutal. No joke.
Using a unique combination of silvery black and white digital photography with occasional flashes of bright color for dazzling punctuation, Rodriguez employs green screen techniques and paints a backdrop around each scene, using Miller's co-direction as his cue to match the original setting as closely as possible.
Three stories weave together, occasionally overlapping. With lines delivered flatly in the hard-boiled style of Raymond Chandler, these tales are about crime, love, loss, and being preternaturally tough.
In the most caustically dramatic segment, Mickey Rourke plays the fearlessly lovestruck Marv, a trenchcoat-clad beast who falls in love with prostitute Goldie (Jaime King) only to find her murdered by a demonic cannibal (Elijah Wood).
In another segment, Bruce Willis plays Hartigan, a rogue cop with a "bum ticker" whose goal in life is to save Nancy (Jessica Alba), an innocent stripper, from a murderous rapist (Nick Stahl).
The third segment stars Clive Owen as a detective caught between murdered cop Jackie Boy (Benicio Del Toro) and a slew of lethally dangerous vixens lead by Gail (Rosario Dawson).
With blood spurting white, yellow, and yes even red; a roster of hot actors that goes on and on; and sound editing that makes you feel like you're the one being punched in the face, SIN CITY is a gift for fans of Miller's art, loaded with style and grit.
The film exhibits extreme violence in an unusual fashion. Its quite black and white film with occasional colours being deliberately shown to create dramatic effects. Its a film adapted from comic novels written by Frank Miller. The story line isn't very strong and can be quite a chore to link up but watch it for its entertainment value instead of its story line, anyway its a comic remember?? The main actors do alot of narration in the movie. This movie is unlike most other movies. Concept of it is: Black, White, Dramatic Colour Effects, Narration, Brutal Violence and Superb Cinematography!!!
In short, for its unusual creative display of movie making and extreme violence, I do recommend watching it unless you do not have the stomach for heads flying off, legs getting cut, necks breaking and plenty of solid punches across their faces with blood spewing everywhere..... Err... need I continue anymore? I like this show very much. Very very nice. Not everyone's cup of tea I suppose but then again, for your average of 8 bucks, go watch la.... doesn't kill you. Worth your buck I feel.
Verdict : 9 / 10 (High scores for its violence and creative movie making)
Pool Report : Won 7 -5 in a race to 7 racks 9 ball game against James at Pool Fusion 3. But again its luck I guess. Played like shit. Even simple balls could not go in. Simply wasn't quite my night. Think its my muscle memory loss. After gym, muscles got strained and couldn't control speed and strength in my cue stroking. Gosh..... anyway, handed my precious playing cue to William for a change of cue tip to Thomas M cue tip. Time to improve on cue tips!!! Hope the next time I have my cue stick, the experience would be better than now.
"A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties."

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

James & Pool Friends! LaCasa!!

Played 9 ball pool at 830pm. Got beaten race to 3 racks, 3-2 by the guy on the left at the pool table. Godfrey. James's friend from the Forum of Pool Fanatics. Cool shot, steady hands. Wasn't a great day of pool for me. Wasn't all loss though.
Beat his other friend Alvin 3-1, race to 3 racks. Lost to James 3-1.
From left to right, Godfrey, James and Alvin. All of them are from the Pool Fanatic Forum. Very enthusiastic pool players. More serious into the game than most. They sure can play. Draw strokes, follow through and stop ball cueing are simple skills to them. Cool.
James, I have known him for over 14 years. 6 months ago, when I was playing at Pool Fusion 3 suddenly there was this guy that stared me in the face and it was James!! We talked about how long it has been since we last met and rekindled both our competitive spirits. We both decided then that we will do our utmost best to be very good pool players. He then signed up with my then Coach, The William, for lessons. Now, I doubt any of you readers can beat him. Hehehe... Good friend.
Just heard from my sister the latest development in my family. She and her Boyfriend, called Andrew, went to the north to view an EC, Executive Condominium. LaCasa. Located at Woodlands. Priced at $480000 on the 10th floor. They had paid the deposit of $20000!!! Wow...... Amazing! I am so happy for them. At least they have something wonderful to look forward to. I have seen the brochures and pictures, very beautiful I must say. I will attempt to upload some of the pictures here soon and let everyone see the beauty of the place.
The reason I mention it is because it makes me feel as if another person is leaving me. I live in Serangoon and they are moving to the far north, Woodlands. That of course is in year 2008 which is still alittle time off but time passes quickly. Where will I be in 3 years time? I dun know. Its hard to know. But the emptiness and void is starting to build and I know I have to rely on myself to be even more independent and strong. They were very welcoming and even asked that I stay with them, blah blah blah.... but I know the truth. They have to go and set up their family. Its about time. I have to learn to let go, move on and be strong. Its a happy thing yet I kinda make it sound sad. I am happy for them. Thanks to the new policies set by the Government that all private properties need only 5% cash downpayment, 5% CPF (Central Provident Fund) and 90% financing, it has allowed many young couples to consider buying new and bigger properties. All directions point towards an inflation in the prices of private property.
Personally speaking, I do hope to live in a condominium someday too. A condo that which I buy myself. Wa..... far-fetched but let me hope. Its just a matter of time. I have always preferred condo to landed property because I think landed properties are too ULU, remote and quiet!!! Condo more fun la..... hehehe..... But I will definitely want to squeeze a 9ft pool table into my future home!! Hahaha... me, pool addict. For those of you couples out there, its a good time to think about buying a house. Think about getting married. Think about your love lives and time to make a real financial commitment in your relationships. After your house, come buy car from me okie!!! Good night all you sweet people!!!

"Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat."

Monday, July 25, 2005

Why Jade Falcon Elite?

Some readers must be wondering why do I call myself "Jade Falcon Elite"? When I was in my teenage years, I played a computer game, "MechWarrior". Probably some guys would find this game familiar. It was a first-person robot shooter game. There were clans comprising of good guys and clans comprising of bad ones. The good ones were called Clan Jade Falcon. The baddies were called Clan Smoke Jaguars. I played the entire game through and fell in love with the world of Mechwarrior. Experienced much with Clan Jade Falcon as I completed the game and thus I didn't want the name to go to waste. Felt an identity with this name.

The added "Elite" was because of another computer game I am presently playing. Named "Battlefield2". It is listed in the side bar at the top so that readers can find out more about this special game. Very army styled game comprising of ranks, military awards, different vocations and appointments, different vehicles to hop on and weapons upgrades or so called, unlocks.

Thus combining both nicknames, I had Jade Falcon Elite. Jade Falcon for short. Got it?? Hehehe..... Maintaining anonymity is important to a certain extend. At least one's name should be kept confidential. I have shown who Glen and Kristina are. Many more to come in my blog. I would like to feature more of my friends who are in my life. My Boss always say, "Its a destiny that we can work with each other". Thus, I would reveal most of my surrounding friends or foes alike. Pictures always tell a thousand words, doesn't it? Well, maybe some of you will become famous after your pic gets published here while others will gain notoriety. I have started to power up my faithful digital Casio Exilim camera and very soon I will be posting many more pictures. Hey, dun you guys be worried okie? Unless you have been bad to me..... then.... hahaha..... PUBLISH PUBLISH PUBLISH PICS PICS PICS! Kekeke.... Sounds sadist. Anyway, I already have the pictures of alot of people. So wait up for those okie?? Should be fun. You will never know when your picture appears here!! Hehehe.....

Hmmm.... this picture should keep a few readers entertained. Told you guys that someday I will talk about this MAHJONG thingy. Hehehe.... gambling den here. All the addicts can be seen here. Hahaha.... Enjoy! Have fun! See you guys tomorrow with new introductions, issues or whatever the heck!!

"Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings."

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Movie Review : The Island - Cloning and Horror Movies

Movie Review : The Island

Wa..... its kinda late to be blogging now, however, I would not be able to get to sleep if I didn't share what some of my buddies were talking about just earlier. Cheryl, Dennis, Jasmin and I went to Cineleisure and watched a futuristic movie, The Island.

This interesting movie has an extremely strong story line and I am pretty sure it will be a hot debating topic for many years to come. All started with Dolly the Sheep. Little chap got cloned. Err... I wondered whatever happened to it now? Anyone has an update on Miss Dolly the Sheep? Did she die? Anyway, the show talks along the lines of ethics, principles and morality regarding the futuristic and scientific subject of cloning. Can you imagine there is an exact replica of you? How about if he or she was standing in front of you right now? Exact DNA and even fingerprints? Hmmm... Cool I would think. Get this sucker clone to be my ultimate slave. Get him to don my uniform and kick his ass off to my office and get him to serve my usual gang of customers flooding my showroom and test-driving all the available cars. That would be quite a relief wouldn't it be? Hehehe..... In the past, another show of a similar nature appeared. It was Multiplicity. This show had made many copies of itself. As it made more copies of itself, the product quality deteriorated and the products that which were produced later were flawed and problematic. As to The Island, I found it interesting that humans could devise and contain an entire factory of clones and hide the truth from all of the clones. One did get to know. Lincoln 6 Echo. Waa... profound name. Well, they did explain the derivation of the name. Just watch it.

Verdict : 8.5/10

The show is a truly remarkable one. The producers and director Michael Bay raised an issue which would be discussed amongst the political and scientific community for many years to come. Even if all of the major countries had a consensus not to clone any human subjects due to its immense implications, I would probably think that Mr North Korea or some Middle Eastern fellow is gonna do it under their private government projects. Thus it meant that scientific advances would be discovered by them earlier and used to the rest of the peaceful nations' disadvantage. How about this for a thought? That our enemies' injuried elite troops who lost limbs, could use quick replacement parts from their clone subjects as cultivated by their government in secret projects and be quickly put back into combat service!!! How powerful can that be??!! Waa.... its like the undead elite special forces.

Cloning is a difficult topic to talk about. Its like Euthanasia or what we call it as Mercy-Killing. Tough topics, not the kind that normal people talk at the coffee shops. Still, its an unavoidable situation. Someday, somehow, someone, somewhere will do it. Its just a matter of time. Better to legalise it, control it and nurture it in the right way than for it to be banned, resulting in black market activities blooming and governments running out of ideas to contain the problem. Subjective opinion of mine though. Aiya, 2 cents worth of thoughts only. Keke.....

Then again, I thought what if some mother-fucker got our DNA, produced a Doppleganger ( Means Clone product) and used the clone to commit crimes and the police stupidly come after us, the real human subjects???!!! What-the-fuck (wtf)...... Kanina (Knn) go jail. Worse, maybe death sentence right? Jia lat. Tough to ban, tough not to ban too. Aiyo..... I could write another 10000 word essay and still, it would never be conclusive. Just do us men a favour. Clone more Fann Wongs, Maggie Qs and Jessica Albas!!! Hehehe....... (Fucking men.... dun hide behind that pretentious innocent face of yours and say no no no, you dun want that. You know you want it)

Another bloody horrid thing that transpired was something I had dealt with when I was 9 years old. I watched Gremlins then. My 1st horror show in my tender years and went home searching under my bed, pillow and closet to ensure non of those pesky devious looking creatures were hiding anywhere near me. Another movie then that freaked me out when I was young was Poltergeist. Fucking scary man.......... The lead actress (little girl died right?) The problem with this horror movies is that there is Memory Flashbacks. I could remember going into my teenage years and in the night, had to go to the loo. Went in and sat down. Next moment, the supernatural phenomenon horrible images flooded my weak mind. Terror filled me in that instant! From then on, I had promised that if I didn't watch anymore horror shows, that kind Lord would take away all Flashback Memories and Nightmares. My 1st miracle happened. True enough, for many years I never did have any reoccurrences of nightmares.

Tonight after watching The Island, 4 of us went to The Altivo Bar atop Mount Faber for drinks. During the red wine session with an odd Bacardi Breezer, Dennis suddenly talked about ghost and supernatural happenings. From world war 2 incidences to old changi hospital adventures to army NS days sightings. Worse still, he told me of a tall white hooded figurine staring him and his dad down while they were riding their motorbike along an eerie stretch of lonely road. My gosh....... My heart pounded as if it wanted to jump out of its rib-cage. I am not claiming that I am brave in the face of supernatural sightings. Its SUPERNATURAL right?? So of course scary la..... Even Kelly talked about supernatural sightings in her room!!! Wa lao..... really cannot sleep tonight liao..... Jia lat. Idiot Dennis! Of course, adding fuel to fire, Cheryl blew the flame of fear whilst hiding in the arms of her darling Dennis and expressing wildly her fears, beliefs and encounters of the 3rd kind! Geezz.... kinda regretted hearing so much...

I would have courage when courage needed to show the most. Horror shows were produced with millions of dollars thrown in its production to frighten its audience and yes, watching it can be a fearful experience. Dun like watching horror shows. Weak heart. However, in real-life, I fear little. I fear not of anyone's opinion. I fear not in absolute darkness when lost in deep forest with only a crap army signal set as companion. I fought when I was 12. Always won the fights coz I was the tallest then. Hard to trample on me given my build. But as years go by, the only fear I have now is relationship. Although I am a Mass Communications Advance Diploma Graduate, I seemed to fair badly in personal relationships. Not that I care alot about it now, but it does serve notice to me that maybe I am not cut out for this sort of stuffs.

Meanwhile, my hands and mind are full having to deal with Dennis and Cheryl's offensive ghost stories. Bloody good story tellers too. Waa...... gotta go hide under my blanket now. Its somewhat a good thing the sun is starting to rise as my Blog is going to set.

Goodnight for now folks! And yea.... thanks for freaking me out with your bloody ghost (ooppsss... 7th month coming soon right?) stories, Mr Dennis!! Will remember you for this!!!

"All things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial."

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Glendon & Kristina

Glendon. Glen for short. Wednesday night, 21st July, Thumpers located at Goodwood Park Hotel had their first anniversary. Decided to join my colleague, Kristina and her boy boy, Glen at the hang out pub.

Let me give you an introduction into this character, Glen. 29yrs good looking fair guy with an able bod but with hell of an ego. He is nice-natured and has a joke-infested personality, however, he seems to be overly involved in the world of vulgar speech communications. If there was a degree for speaking vulgarities, I believed he would have garnered a Masters. Hahaha.... But I do wish he would speak on a more gentlemanly note with his fellow peers. Too much vulgarities is emotionally and mentally stressful for me. I find him very possessive regarding his love life but I also find that he can be very endearing to his loved one. His major addiction in life is smoking and mahjong. Really. Oh, he loves CounterStrike too. Always takes a Carbine and charge. If he was losing, he would take a sniper rifle and play chicken, hiding in a closet sniping our heads off our shoulders. Keke.....

At Thumpers, Glen told me he saw a gal I knew. Thought he said my ex-girlfriend. Curious was I of course and probed him for more information but he remained adamant about not disclosing it. I wondered why. Anyway I left the premises soon after, on a dare that if he would not tell, I would go. Soon after I discovered that the gal he was referring to was Jasmin Goh! He doesn't know that I knew. Hmm..... my curiousity was, why the secrecy? Why keep it under wraps? Until this day, I did not ask him and would rather not. Some things are better left unasked, unknown and unheard.

Kristina. Kristina owes me a mug of beer for a matter of record. Its so because of an insurance cheque which I had issued for her. Kristina, probably the prettiest mum I have ever seen excluding Zoe Tay and Wendy Jacobs. She has a flawless face which has drawn so much attention over the last 1 yr 4 months I have known her. I would give her a 9.0 for her face!! I love her personality! Good-natured, noble and always tries her best to help people. Kristina, has led a tough life I should say. Maybe because of her experiences in life, the maturity that which she has shown is somewhat different from many young ladies out there. She would always be one lady I would defend, help and cheer until such a time that she............ .

Kristina loves to dance. I like clubbing with her. She is always a fun person to be with. Unassuming, innocent-like and very sporty. Oh, she laughs a hell lot too. Recently lost her voice and thus we had peace for a couple of days. Now, she has recovered and she is back to her cheeky and chatty self! She plays CounterStrike too. Also loves Mahjong... Hmm..... one day I will talk more on this Mahjong thingy. Me no talent in playing this game. Sigh....

Some must be wondering why did I talk about Glen and Kristina. Overtime, I would introduce the characters whom I have published in this journal so that our readers would have a better idea of what kind of a person I am talking about. Today, its Glen and Kristina. Why?

Simply because they are a couple and one my closest friends.

"Why not go out on a limb, isn't that where the fruit is?"

Friday, July 22, 2005

Gym, Pool, Women & Debtors

This is my car. A Subaru 1.6 TS Auto. Its a little kitten that is dressed up to look like a TIGER!!! Hehehe...... Fierce looking isn't it? Keke..... But its my little baby. Gotta take care of it as much as possible though it sure loves to drink. Fuel of course.

Met up Keane for gym at 945pm. He is a fit looking married man who enjoys keeping fit and working out. 28 yr old, mature individual who had the sheer luck to marry a beautiful lady, Grace, who is exceptionally skilled in playing LAN game CounterStrike. We worked out with weights and tried pushing our luck carrying more weights but of course, muscles were strained and I had to back off while Keane continued his macho manly activities. Geez.... I really must try to work out more often. Getting old so kinda gotta take it easy you know...... not easy. Hehehe....

Soon after, we took on the treadmill and ran for our lives. Started with 3km target run. Very soon we were grimacing and our faces were puffing up in redness having to deal with the perspiration that began pouring down our foreheads. Ok, this was getting tough and decided against doing what was beyond us and lowered our run targets to 2.4km. Bo bian..... tough la...

Well, we did complete our runs and indeed it felt good. Its always nice to have someone to run with you, by your side, panting and cheering you on. How often is it in our lives that there is that someone? Usually it had to come in the form of our family members, boyfriend or girlfriend. Seldom it would be a great friend. Why? Friends love to run in different directions. Some faster, some slower while some refuse to run. But if u do find that wonderful friend to run with, then you have found a gem in life that you must treasure, for true real friends are one of life's greatest treasures.

After our gym work out, went to Coffee Club and had supper. What was interesting was tasting Fondue. Its a mix of Kiwi, Mango, Strawberry and Banana fruits served with delicious sinful hot chocolate fudge!!! Amazing....... err..... pretty sinful too considering how fattening it can get!! Aiyo, but its simply too mouth-watering to abstain from it. Anyway, we devoured it.

I was in the mood to practice my pool and it was like 115am. Journeyed to Pool Fusion 3 and saw William, who is my Coach and his wife. William's lady was kind enough to introduce to me a regular, also another student of my Coach. His name is Alvin. Cool chap.

We got down to play 9 ball pool race to 7 racks. His strokes, game play and cue ball positioning was excellent. But maybe luck was kinda missing in his game. Happy am I when I finally won 7 to 6 racks!!! Amazing.... its my first 9 ball game against someone I didn't know and a fellow student of my coach. But I do admit one thing. I won because I was lucky. A great gentleman. Thoroughly enjoyed playing with him. Learnt many things. Imagine how many things we could learn from people we do not know. Sounds like a great excuse to expand our social circles isn't it? Hehe.... well, why not?

Something interesting transpired today. A dear lady friend asked me what was my ideal girl like. I'd probably get flak from many if I were to post what I thought here, however, what the bloody heck, why should I care right? Maybe my answers mattered more now because I was noted to be single and available. The sad thing is that, my colleagues probably had the impression that I am desperate for a girlfriend. Hmm... how wrong can they be? Very wrong. My attitude these days in which I have adopted is one of non-chalance and Bo Chap. Can't be bothered with finding a girl. Sure many impressed me, but girlfriend is just a different story for me.

So here goes with what may draw flak, but at least honesty and truth for once. May I state that very often, we never do get what we want. This I understand and hope you do too. Dreams are merely dreams. But dreaming is a happy thing.

  • Slim build with a nice physical appeal
  • Elegance, grace, sportiness and a sense of feminine touch are all treasured traits
  • Maturity with wisdom is super important
  • Communicative openminded person who enjoys having fun and is sporting
  • Good English is appreciated but not necessarily critical
  • Smart dressing does help

The above is just a personal subjective opinion of an egoistical jerk like myself so do not be too taken by the pointers. Its an honest show of what a normal guy like myself would love to have but then again, I know only too well the realities of the world. I am a realist, not a dreamer.

Would like to take this time to announce who are my debtors. Hehehe..... fun.

  1. Kelly - 1 mug beer, 1 guy's hp number of my choice, 1 dinner, 1 pool rack to 1 beer
  2. Kristina - 1 mug beer
  3. Irene Lee- 1 mug beer (Wa... this girl claims she can drink alot)

Hopefully, I can add more debtors to my short list soon and it is sure becoming fun. Cheers!

"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion."

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Family Does Matter

Had an office meeting today after the conclusion of COE (Certificate of Entitlement) results. Soon after, I left for Gleneagles Hospital. My mum had called me on my mobile, she said my sister just had an operation on her throat. Many thoughts raced through my mind in an instant.

"What happened?". "Is she all right?". My sister is only 31 tender years. I simply had not thought about the worst. Maybe I wasn't even ready or wanting to think about it. My heart was heavy, yet, with the usual ego that I would always have, I chose not to reveal any of my emotions. Put up a poker face and drove to Nassim Hill area in town.

Arriving there, I brought along a soft toy cushion. Kinda cute and cuddly. Something I thought can keep my dear sister company for the couple of lonely nights in the ward. Alongside her bed, there stood my brother, sister-in-law, her boyfriend Andrew, my uncle and 7th aunt. Gosh.... i was thinking, "Is this really so serious?"

Saw the blood, the bandages, the drips and her loss of voice. She was still terribly weak from the 3 hour operation. Seeing indeed is believing. Made me want to treasure my sister alot more. Guilt rushed into me, thinking maybe I should have spent more time with her. And of course my other family members. How often do we neglect our own families? Have we spent enough time with them? Would we have any regrets if we were to die in the next hour? I believe most people would say their greatest regrets would be not spending enough time with their beloved family and reaffirming their love for their beloved immediate kins.

My sister was still very fragile and needed to rest. Reluctantly, we left the ward and headed off to our targeted destinations. Her boyfriend was so kind to have stayed on, to meet my sister's every possible need and without complaints in a voluntary fashion. I am glad my sister has such a wonderful guy by her side. At least I know she is in good hands.

This episode did make me think so much about my family. Geez..... I think we should all take time to think about our own families, because, it would have been too late if something unexpected were to happen before we could even express our love to them. Family does matter.

Hmmm.... had several exchanges of SMS wth Kelly. A petite little lady who works with the in the civil service. Gave her a nick previously, however, she had asked to be called Kelly instead. Sure, its fine by me. Enjoys wearing boots and has some curls in her hair in which I had advised her to get it rebonded straight because most guys like it long and straight. Egoistic viewpoint isn't it? Oh well, what the heck. At least it is an honest opinion from a guy. Just one guy. She had a very sophisticated accent. Had the fortune to speak with her on the phone and meet up. She had probably the best pronunciation and diction of the English language amongst my peers. Her grasp of the spoken language is incredible. The clarity in her speech while sounding cutesy, does impress me to a great extend.

Kelly had wanted my Blog's address because she wanted to read what I wrote. Keke..... Played hard to get and frustrated her. She made several offers and counter-offered but I just played tough. Hehe..... Anyway there were only 2 entries up to now, so she didn't miss much but of course she doesn't know it. It still ended with her not knowing the address, but I did discover while she could drink wine, she couldn't drink beer! If she had downed 1 mug, she would have been knocked out! At least this was claimed by her. Gosh.... That spelt disaster if I had insisted she fulfill her debt to me. Debt? Oh.... hehe... she owes me 1 mug of beer, 1 guy's handphone number in which I will choose a guy for her to ask and a pool game 1 rack win to 1 beer drink. Just found it amusing that Kelly would rack her brains to counter-offer me for my Blog's address. I would have easily given her, it is just that I wanted to wait alittle longer because there was simply too little now for this Blog to be much of anything. It does spell out my thoughts alittle for now. Soon Kelly, the address will be revealed. Soon.

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Pool Day

Today was hellish good for me. Had to be at work early in the morning, not that I dread the rising sun, but always had the mentality that a tuesday morning would be a boring one. Nonetheless, it proves to be a very fruitful day for me. Was given a Dealer's Deal in the morning and had to rush to Chinatown to complete the contract signing which of course, I eagerly did without hesitation. By the way, for those wondering what a Dealer's Deal is, you first must know what I do for a living. I am a Car Sales Man. Hmmm...... Yea... right. I sell cars. Well, new ones for a matter of your info. Its a good thing the customer was nice. Really nice. Treated me Fish Head Soup which tasted Superb!!! Its found in Chinatown's Food centre located together with a Multi-storey Carpark. Anyway, Deal done, I am happy.

Returned back to office to do up my documents, then...... another customer came! The funny thing is this customer Mr Khoo didn't even call me. Bought a car from me a month back, and now he brought his daughter (oh.... same age as me, and had my sister's name!!! ) to view the Sports Coupe 2.0. They were tugging between an Altis or Coupe. Well, of course the sleeky Coupe won the day. Test drove it, paid deposit for it and Iwent to customer's place to sign the deal. So it was like 2 deals on a normal boring tuesday!!! Not bad for a day's work I should say.

Also delivered an SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) in silver colour at around 630pm. Had 2 small scratches at its tail board. Wanted to cover it up however, the Kangwei had the decency and courage to get me to own up the flaw. My Boss was notified by Kangwei and Boss came taking a fleeting glance at the SUV. Then simply apologised to the customer without first consulting me!! But they did right... They sure did right. Any form of guilt culminating in my conscience immediately dissipated when my superiors decided to come clean. It does feel much better knowing that there is nothing to hide. Humans do live better if they live conscience free of guilt. What really was impressive was seeing Kangwei at his tender age, living up to the high expectations that many of us employees have of him. How they settled the matter was that Boss offered his paintshop contact off Harvey Road. Hmm.... however, I presume I had to pick up the cost of touching up the paint work I guess. But it ain't too bad.

Then left to play pool at Pool Fusion 3, located at Midland House, middle road 2nd floor. Played with my long time friend of over 14 years, James. Our Coach as so called in the international circuit, William Ang, was also present. He was in a lively mood although he didn't manage to clear the semi-finals of National 8 Ball. Lost to Aaron Koh 9-7. Get this straight, I think William my coach, is probably the best 9 Ball player in Singapore. I have seen him play. I think my dear friend, Irene Lee can testify to that having watched him play at Suntec in April 2005 During the San Miguel 9 Ball Asian Tour against international players. I feel really proud to be his student. I have already achieved much in my short learning stint in this game. Cool game. Anyway, played against James a race to 5 racks 8 Ball and I was in tremendous form!!! Completely whitewashed him 5-0!!!! Oh my gosh!! How could that happen considering that he plays more often than I did, and he went around playing against much better forum opponents?! Oh by the way, he's also a student of William... Keke.... he took my advice to learn from William and so far he's doing well too. However unfortunately, we played race to 5 racks 9 ball soon after. I led 3-0, and somehow he came storming back and ran the racks to 3-5! hmmm.... It was hell of an effort from him. It was fantastic playing because our Coach was there too! Gave us some tips and commenting that my strokes are much better than it used to be. I am happy hearing that. I love pool. This is the BEST GAME there is. It has surely made my day.

I must thank Jasmin Goh for her hardwork in getting my loan approval through so quickly. There was a case which involved a malay army officer which could only approve at 59k loan when the application was for 65887! She pleaded, begged or whatever she did..... finally somehow, 65k loan! It was hell of an effort I must compliment. I know how difficult the case can be because it was my deal, but I do thank her for immense ability in work. Thank you.

Thus, 2 deals, strong support for loan approvals and great pool games made my normally mundane Tuesday, A FANTASTIC DAY!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Blogging Debut

Hmmm..... sometimes I wonder what is the fuss with blogging? It does amuse me that many people out there actually do blog. Well, like they say, if u cannot beat them, join them. I would like to start my blog. My very 1st blog. There will be lots of truth in it, lots of my own opinion, comments and thoughts.

So since this blog is up, here you will only find the raw uncensored mentality that I have. I do not quite need to bother about what others think right? So kindly wait up. I will be filling interesting details soon, surrounding me, my friends, family, career and interest. Will learn to put up photos too. Keke.... Of course I will soon reveal the mystery as to why I like the name, "Jade Falcon Elite" Cool nick.

See you in my next post!!! Stay tuned!!!