Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Story That Inspired Me

I have a friend who has recently revealed alot of her issues. Apparently it was because she was growing really tired of life. It was not due to burn out or anything like that. It was more of what happened in the past. Many years ago. 17 years of hardship. Literal hardships. She was then 12. Had to go against all odds to work. When I was 12, I barely knew how to order food from a hawker stall. So she was already then a brave lass.

Unfortunately, her father passed away around that time and ever since then, she has been supporting her family, working hard at her tender age to raise enough money to pay for her own school fees(How come they didn't go ask the school for help?) and juggling school work with her part-time work and family chores. Her mum earned little then and her brother wasn't much of a help. She dragged through 17 years, putting herself through Mass Comm from Ngee Ann(Wa lau.... my favourite course but got no chance coz got no talent... sigh) and coming of age now a fully commendable young lady at 29 who has just completed her degree studying part-time, working full-time and being the sole-bread winner for her family of 3 including herself.

Her hardlife as she sees it, although really tough and many times breaking down crying, little does she know that its her molding process. 17 years of molding process. God works in ways that men cannot understand. His plans are not our plans. His ways are not our ways. I cannot represent God to say what He's gonna do but 1 thing I know from The Word Of God is, He will not test you beyond what you cannot bear. This little lady friend seems hardened by her past tough experiences in life. It has always hung onto her heart and she hasn't quite let go. She probably thinks everyone just wants to treat her like a hotel, coming into her life for a short moment in time, and leaving soon after. It may not be. Friends come and friends go. Most friends are not forever. Even relationship love isn't forever. All good things must come to an end someday.

I felt her burdens and know it has been hell of a tough time. Then again we were born to conquer the odds in life. I have mentioned to my dear friend that whilst she is dwelling on her past traumatic 17 years, there are alot of unfortunate souls stuck in Africa, starving, homeless, unhealthy and penniless. I have seen those pitiful faces. Campaigns are on-going even now as we speak to help our foreign brethens. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Learned this from a friend, Yanling Delynn Angeline Ho. While things look bleak and times are difficult, let us all remember that there are still many people out there who are worse than us.

I know my dear friend has been strong and has been looking toward God for emotional, mental and spiritual support. Well-done. She has touched my heart with her story and believe me, the story of that 17 years hasn't even ended. The story didn't have enough time for it to reveal all that happened in that 17 years. I am proud that she is so tough, strong and indomitable. Maybe life itself has its own ways of sustenance, putting us through different levels of difficulties and testing us to its ultimate limits. We must try to persevere and overcome the odds. In so doing, we must take care of ourselves even better. Especially now when our bodies are aging and mentabolism is slowing. However she suffers from insomnia and usually cannot get enough sleep. On the other hand, she works terribly hard. Guess her boss must have been glad to have found such a dedicated executive staff.

For now, my dear friend has taken a break. A break which I do not know if she would return. I can only wait in anticipation. One thing I dun like about my this friend, she's darn too stubborn. Like my mother la... also very stubborn. Sigh... But I understand why stubborness set in. If anyone had led the kinda life she has led, guess we would be stubborn too.

Because life can be so tough even in the near future, all the more, the lessons and extreme tough conditions we have been through, must make us all the more stronger and more enduring than ever before. It must not make us more pessimistic or melancholic but we should try to be more sanguine and optimistic. Its not such a marvellous thing to be a pessimistic optimist.

Be glad that:

  • God helped us through until now
  • We have all our limbs still attached and are healthy
  • We have our basic needs met eg. Food, Shelter, Clothing and Job
  • We have naggy friends because they are usually caring friends

There are still so many wonderful things that we could be glad for but even if I spent the next 1 year talking about it, the list wouldn't end.

Whatever we do, there is always a choice. The very first thing God gave us, is the power to choose. The experiences one gets in life, determines how he or she will choose. The power then is yours..... to choose your path. Whether you smile or frown, whether you hate or love, the sun will still rise and the sun will still set.

This is the story that inspired me. Agape.

*A Bouquet of Roses For You Hotel Solace.

"Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude."

Monday, August 29, 2005

Movie Review : Bewitched & Pool Report

Movie Review : Bewitched

This is a rather light-hearted movie. I love Nicole Kidman. Gosh... she's so pretty and she sure can act very very well. She sounds so cute!! Never knew of anyone who could sound so adorable. She's simply amazing!!! Watch this show to see her cutesy side. Will Ferrel.... wa lao... sucks man. Just didn't like the guy la.... This movie has few magic tricks. Would not post a big success, however like I said, its a light-hearted show which could help you digest your dinner food while you stay seated in the cinema. You would sure get a few good laughs thus it ain't too bad. I watched it because I have always like Nicole Kidman. There's always something I like about tall gals. Kekeke...

Verdict : 8/10 (Not bad though not fantastic)

Pool Reports :

After being absent so long from the world of civilisation, my pool skills indeed turned alittle rusty. I was out-process on friday 26th August. Went to Pool Haven my training ground for my usual practice and something unusual happened.

When I arrived there, I saw alot of the tables were occupied. I screened throught the premises and realised that there were alot of top players namely, KK Chan, Tan Tiong Boon (National Youth Coach), Chen Coach (National Coach), Toh Lian Han, Aaron Koh(Recent 8 Ball Nationals Champion), John Tan, Vincent Goh, Amy Hoe(National Ladies 8 Ball Champion) and many more. They were having a Pool Haven in-house tournament. Tan Tiong Boon (TTB) saw me and walked over and said hi. I was glad he still recognised me when Seto ( an ex-colleague) introduce TTB to me. TTB urged me to support his tournament. Said play for the sake of experience. It was a 9 Ball Handicap Double Elimination Tournament. Double Elimination means you cannot afford to lose twice. Under his kind persuasion, I relented and decided to try my very first real tournament ever! Oh... adults $50 bucks! Under 21 national youths, $25. Under 16 National Youths $10.

I was paired up with a guy called Roy. Quite a young chap. If I am not wrong, he is a youth under 21 National Snooker player. But he plays pool too. I didn't know what the heck to do when they allocated a table for us to commence the game. He was kind enough to show me how to start and thus off we go to the 1st real game of my life!

I felt the unusual intensity that I do not normally get playing a social game. The eyes were on me. Mistakes made seemed to amplify itself and my heart rate seemed to beat alittle faster than normal. My handicap was simply a race to 4 racks. Roy's handicap was also race to 4 racks. Apparently what it means is that Roy is thought to be at the same skill level as me!(Wa lau.... how can that be man?? He is a youth National Player leh....) I won the 1st 3 racks. Amazing isn't it? Somehow I maintained my composure and just dumped 3 racks down. Maybe Roy hasn't settle himself yet. Then.... sigh.... he rattled me with 4 straight racks beating me 4-3. Well at least I am glad I won the very first tournamental rack ever! Hehehe.... It was darn intensed when we were both at 3-3. Several of the spectators were like starring at our game literally. However, I really like playing like that. Nice.

Next match was up against an even better player. Eric. His handicap is a race to 6 racks for him while mine remained at 4 racks. Wa lau.... just to keep it short. He won 6-2. Good player la.... he really run the racks through. Me no fight la.... The interesting thing about this 30 plus married man is that he brought his wife and 3 yr old son along. His son was noted by TTB an interesting discovery. Why? Because the kid can stroke a small cue stick easily and pot some balls. TTB said to just let him have fun playing. Cannot teach the little one anything until he is 6 or 7 years old when he grows taller. Amazing! Child prodigy perhaps?

So there goes my 2 matches. After which TTB came over to me and talked with me. Showed me the actual difficulty of the game and that certain basic strokes and shots I must achieve. This was when we talked about coaching and training and stuffs like that. The entire youth under 16 and under 21 were put under his wing. Due to the kind insistence from a dear friend, TTB is now my new Coach. Its no longer KK Chan. KK doesn't have all that much time anyway too. He will be going for frequent overseas tournaments as he is Singapore's Brightest 9 Ball Pool star. TTB made it mandatory for his youths to go to Pool Haven to train at least 3 times a week under the Billiard's Council. They must accomplish a minimum of 36 hours a month of training at the premises. That will work out to 9 hours a week thus 3 times of 3 hours a week. In return, they will be coached free of charge by the Youth Coach under the Singapore Billiards Council Supervision. Saying this, I thought of someone. Kristina, if you are reading this, listen : Send Dylan to train under TTB if he loves pool. He may have the potential. I can help the link up with TTB.

Met May Ong, the Officer in Charge of Pool Haven's daily operations. She is one technological gal! Wa... she's got a Nokia 6680!! Nice phone! Nice Phone! Thought of getting it but decided maybe I should hold back till end of the year. The nice married lady uses a laptop, high tech handphone and was designing Pool Haven's membership data base when I visited the premises. The related this incident because I haven't seen many gals who enjoy the stuffs that a guy likes. She's like a dear big sister to me. Her advises and words were often well retained in my heart.

I will dwell more on other stuffs next time.
Got hell lots of problems with my music hosting.
Dun have much pictures because I just got back my precious DigiCam!! Hehe...

"Winners concentrate on winning, losers concentrate on getting by."

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Finished my ICT (In-Camp-Training)

Finally!!!! Hello Everyone!! I am Back!

Had a very difficult In-Camp training this time round. Known as a High-Key training, it's the toughest training ever yet. Was assaulted by more than 60 mosquitoe bites. Its simply terrible. There were people who were worse than me. Its literal suffering although more bearable than most tortures. This particular episode, I will be relating alot about what transpired during my training.

August 22nd. Woke up at 530am! Wa lau... its been such a long while since we woke up at such odd hours but believe me, the mood in most of our bunks were solemn and quiet. We just wanted to get things done. We were moved out of camp at 730am. Tag-Team Training. Simply means IFV(Infantry Fighting Vehicle) combined with tanks.

Now, its supposed to be armour training yet the troopers were mobilised to flank. Simple terms means walking. We had to assault a hill. It was up slope. We felt tired doing it. We were really getting old and feeling it. Age seems to have caught up with us. What remained the same was our indomitable spirit to complete our mission. We had to conquer the hill occupied with enemies, simulated enemies made of target boards. To keep it short, we completed it. Of course we had to, no choice anyway. But we were already perspiring and sweat was pouring all over our warm green uniforms. When we arrived at the training shed, we were glad we had alittle bit of time to rest, however, imagine your clothes are stinky, wet and dirty. Its only the very first day!! We still had another 2 days 2 nights to go, wa..... dunno how to go thru it.

Early morning second day at 530am. We were awoken by our commanders and mission was to commence. We were then in a camping position and asleep. The entire company mobilised and carried whatever equipment and heavy arms we could muster. We started our dark long march. The march was long and arduous. The half moon was shining its pale blue light on the area which was covered with trees, bushes and deserted plantations. The road since was less travelled, was dusty and uneven. An entire company swept thru the area quickly and quietly. Everyone was quiet and obeying every orders that has been passed down from our commanders. The long long walk was causing us to heat up and many troopers spectacles were starting to fog up. I didn't have that problem since I had Lasik. Keke.... good stuff.... Although the sun wasn't up, we were sweating like bloody pigs!!! To keep this day's event short, the dismounted flanking, which we called it, was really tiring and tough on our aching bodies. U couldn't imagine the number of mosquitoe bites we already suffered. Around 9 am, it started to rain!! Wa lau...... jia lat. We took refuge in our IFVs. Sheltered there and it rained so heavily for 2 hours non-stop. The ground became muddy. Our seats were muddy. Our boots were muddy. Some of our weapons and clothes were muddy. Our vehicles were muddy. Siao liao loh.....

Fortunately, we did some vehicular assaults and we were not too taxed. However, the uncomfortable uniform was starting wear us out. By night fall, we were going mad because it felt so so so awful to be so dirty and wet etc... We decided to change our uniforms. Stripped outselves naked and changed our uniform, socks and even underwear. Poured a ridiculous amount of Pricky Heat Powder on our bodies and our clothes to help ourselves feel more comfortble. So some of us like me, were looking white in our green uniforms! hehe... not ghost la.... The change of uniforms resulted in a renewed morale. We felt we could continue our training for just one more night.

Early morning 12am, 3rd day Wednesday. We did Tactics Training called DELAY. Moved into position at 12 am and started preparing for our enemy to assault our positions which they did. 5am. Suddenly rumblings of vehicle armoured engines, our hearts pounded and we saw our 2 troopers running towards my ambush position, away from the enemy as they were posted as forward positions to observe enemy movements. Listening Posts we called it.

I fired the shot out. Rifling sounds pierced the night slience. My position's armoured vehicles started engines and contacted the enemy. 7.62mm Machine guns rattled the night tranquility. The senario was such that the enemy was too strong and breached our defenses and we had to retreat. We hopped onto out IFVs and ran off. Keke... I took the opportunity to sleep in my IFV. That was heaven, at least for a moment. So the entire morning to early afternoon, we were fighting in our vehicles and lots of movements and lots of retreat. We were cut off from our battalion and they had us surrounded. My company, Charlie Company was wiped out. My battalion overall achieved their delay objective, with my company as a sacrifice. Then again, thats what we troopers are for. To sacrifice ourselves to defend this nation.

5pm. Paradise. It means Exercise CUT!!! Yeah..... its the word that cheers everyone up. Faces brightened and hearts relieved. Its over. Finally. We only had to return to camp and treat all our wounds, bites, clean up etc etc.

Something wonderful happened. My relationship with my 7 other platoon mates improved tremendously. It hit brick wall because of a platoon mate who dissed me and came in between me and my exgf then. Thus then I had little trust of people and it was then an embarrassing state for me. However, all this is over and I am glad that my army friends are all once again happy hanging out together and having fun!! Can you imagine that a dear female friend asked us to go Thumpers to get to know some babes, but all my guys rather go out and have our own fun??!!! Hehe.... thats a good indication how much we rather hang out with each other!! Keke...

Now gotta go home and tend to all my wounds inflicted by those bloody blood sucking vampiric mosquitoes!!! By the way there isn't any pictures because army la.... classified la.... so cannot take pictures. Hehe..

"You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love."

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Movie Review : Must Love Dogs. New Coach.

Movie Review : Must Love Dogs

The movie isn't really up to my expectations. There were just simply many shows that has surpassed the Great rankings and this is just not one of them. Dun Diane Lane look older than John Cusack? It does has some witty plots here and there however, I find it rather plain sailing. Its a good show for those who enjoy a close look at the thousand images they can get of Diane Lane. The plot is unlikely and lame. There aren't many romantic comedys anyway so why not watch it? Light hearted shows like this should keep your sanity intact. Cheers.

Verdict : 7 / 10 ( Can watch la.... not too bad. Not that fantastic either.)

Shucks. I injured my left middle finger. Cut myself when iron pickets which I was carrying with both my hands slid off and the jagged edges tore the skin of the tip of my left middle finger. Blood dripped and oozed... Very smarting. Sigh... Why was I so careless? Rendered me unable to do many things. I didn't let this stop me from doing what I love. I still played pool. For regular pool players, they will know that the middle left finger is needed to help stablise a good bridge so that the cue stick could be laid on it. It was pain but I couldn't quite care less. Didn't have too bad a session. Played with May Ong. My..... she's good. At least much better than I am. Sigh.... I still have a long way to go.

I have decided not to continue my pool student coach relationship with my present coach. I have found someone more sincere and dedicated. He has agreed to train me. Would be commencing somewhere mid to end September. I was at Pool Haven at Riverside Point at one time. He was also there. Saw me and we bidded hi. Then came over and talked to me. Began teaching me and literally coached me for 3 hours!!! Gosh... Believe me, he's really trying. Maybe I am the lousy student? Keke... His picture is up there. Do you know who is he? Top ranked player in Pool in Singapore. Doesn't have a certificate in coaching but then again, I am looking for sincere genuine people and not someone who has coaching qualifications who show no interest in their students progress. I am happy with my choice. I have already learnt many things from the gentleman who will be representing Devil's Bar with the Number One in Pool Ladies National 8 Ball in the up-coming The New Paper After 5 Pool League.

Book in timing is 11pm. I will probably go in earlier as we had a major exercise this week. Ordered to wake up by 530am and move out field by 730am. Having Armoured Tag-Team Battlecourse and Full Troop Exercise. Simply put, huge exercise la..... Leaving monday morning and not coming back to camp at all until late wednesday night or thursday morning. Lately the weather has been too good. Lots of rain. Will likely be a muddy area. Jia Lat. Nevertheless I will perserve!!

Gotta go. See you guys when I outprocess end of this week.

"Look for the good in every person and every situation. You'll almost always find it. "

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Reservist: Night's Off

I am able to make this post because I had a 3 hour night's off this evening. Finished whatever stuffs we had to do and sprinted home in my little kitten subaru. Replenished some fashion wear for the uniform group and threw some into the washing machine. Shaggg.......

Since now I am freed up, decided to blog some. The pictures I had put up has got nothing to do with what I am gonna talk about. Its just some pictures I owe my readers. They are mostly from the NDP Carnival. There were so many pictures that I had to slowly upload it for your viewing pleasures. So just enjoy the sights of it while I touch on another issue.

Reservist has brought back some fond memories and some bitter ones. I would be lying if I say I love the army life. In fact, I hate it. It started in 1996 when I was enlisted into Armour. My 2 and a half years were tough and gruelling I must say. Most of my colleagues' NS life including some close friends' NS life all sounds too good to be true. However I had what Kelly called it, "Rush Sand Rush Sea" kinda life. Most of my other counter parts had Civil Defence appointments, Police Appointments, Downgraded Army Appointments and "Excused appointments". Maybe I envyed them. Maybe I do not. However, I said something to myself when I was in army.

I said,"I gonna work hard in the private sector and never to sign on the army for whatever the reasons."

I didn't like the regimented lifestyle that the government offered me. Too many rules and restrictions. The good guys were always doing more work than anyone else. The lazy ones always get away with lesser work and more benefits. There were not any fairness at all. I grew to accept all that Army was. It did train me to accept the inevitable and uncontrollable. But it also made me alot tougher and made me realise not to trust people so easily.

Church had taught me to trust and believe that humanity does have its wonderful side. Worldly life has taught me otherwise. I have learnt things the hard way. Then again, I only ask to be happy now. Now, when I am serving my reservist, I have a non-chalance attitude. I do only what I am asked to do. Nothing more, nothing less. In the past, I was always the willing party, offering every bit of help, only to realise I have been a fool. People take me for a ride. Its sad. Now I had to be a wily fox. Sigh.... not something I want. Everyone in camp now still behaves the same way. Selfish and conceited. They seek for popularity as if they are still in school. Popularity is deemed as a form of influence and this, they yearn.

I talked about my army life and feelings because I feel its a sad part of my life. One of the guys who became a 3rd party in one of my BGR relationships also came from the army. Moreover, he was then, my best army buddy. Some buddy. Although all these are history, but they have left a bitter taste in me. Lost my faith in people. Then again, all these things how many people will understand? How many will start pointing fingers at me and claiming its my fault? I really do not know. I really do not care.

I just wanna get over these 2 weeks and return to civilian life and continue my good works. I am already feeling guilty having to impose on Kristina and Cheryl to help me in my professional duties while I am in reservist. They have been helpful indeed. I thank them. I also thank Grace Low for her kind assistance in helping me to drive my customer's car down to the showroom for a handover. I thank you all.

My mind is filled with alot of thoughts. Yet I seem to have difficulty expressing myself. While others are complaining on missing out on a holiday because of a presidential walkover, I have other personal issues to think about. Do not really know who to speak with. Best to swallow my thoughts and move on.

All right, some good news. My Big Plan is arriving!!! Heard that in fact it has arrived. However, because I am in the Army, thus I could not take delivery. How excited am I!!! Gotta quickly get all my things ready!

Last but not the least, thank you faithful friends for sharing with me your fun, joy and laughter these days. I hope I dun disappoint any of you guys in any ways. I just wanna show my appreciation to you all.

  1. James Ang, for your ever supporting friendship and Pool Enthusiasm
  2. Kristina, for your faithful friendship and being a true friend
  3. Cheryl, for your funny and sacrificial nature as a friend
  4. Godfrey, Alvin, Barry and Jimmy for being such COOL POOL FANATICS!
  5. Jasmine, for your strong support
  6. Kelly, for your motivating bets and excellent corny jokes!
  7. Reena Tan, for your strong-willed display of guts, character and ideals in life
  8. Most of all, God. Thank u.

Thank you everyone here!

"Learn to help people wth more than their jobs: help them with their lives."

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Dennis & Cheryl

Dennis and Cheryl can't keep their hands off each other!!! Hehe....

Dennis is a manager with V-Cool. V-Cool retails automotive vehicular products. His is my senior in the car trade and knows hell lots about cars too. Charming fellow who is mature and suave. Polite and tactful individual who enjoys life in its liberal ways. Quite a party-goer if he wants to be. He likes "hand-games", err.... what the heck do you call those games in the pub which you play with your hands?? "Hua Quan", is it?? Hehe... Good drinker too.

A cool and level headed fellow but is hell busy too. I enjoy his companionship because he tends to be more transparent and genuine in his friendship with his peers. Nowadays, he is busy working and taming his new girlfriend of half a year, Cheryl. Lets talk about her.

Cheryl. Hmmm..... naughty girl. She is a colleague who stuck with me through my tough times in December 2004 when my going was extremely rough. In spite of misunderstandings and gossips, she persisted in maintaining our friendship. Very often she even helps me to collect cars and do some of my work in which I could not find time to accomplish. She is helpful unlike what many other's would think otherwise. Quite often a very misunderstood character. Keke......

Cheryl aka Purple is happily attached to Dennis aka Donut. She lives in the north east and drives an IST. Its some funny looking car lah.... Dunno why she like it. Hahaha....

She has amazing closing powers in securing a car deal. Her methods are unorthodox and unusual. Has an uncanny ability to endear herself to her customers and friends alike. One thing I dislike about her is her unending number of "salesman excuses" given when she is running late for one of her usual appointments with us. Yeah.... she's almost always late for everything.

Cheryl girl is very young. But she is one of my closest friends. Unassuming and very friendly with almost everyone. Can talk alot. Bring her to any of your parties and she can sure keep the party well and alive!!! Hehehe..... one of my trusted friends. Cheers!!

This is probably my last post before I go for my army reservist. I will talk more about life when I return on the 27th!! Meanwhile, all you folks out there, have fun, loosen up and enjoy your life abit. Your security in this country is ensured coz.... I am in there protecting all of you la..... hahahaha....... Cheers and bye for now! Back to army life!!!

"A friendship purified by fire, is a friendship worth your time."

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Dylan, Brandon & Alyssa

4 weeks. Time is counting down before my Big Plan Arrives.

Lately, I have been very active in Pool Fanatic Forum. Its a forum where people who loves pool congregate and talk about nothing but pool. Its a friendly place and I feel very at home there. The people are nice and unassuming. I am glad to have made friends with Godfrey, Alvin, Jimmy and Barry etc. Wait up, Metro Brunswick is coming!

Thank you for waiting up to see the latest post for my blog. Apologies because I have been really busy doing up my stuffs, besides, haven't been feeling too well of late. Getting old I guess.

Today I downloaded alot of pictures into my office computer. Just wanted my colleagues to feel good knowing that there is a snapshot of their history. A picture tells a thousand words.

Saw Kristina's kids today just before I left the office. Namely, Dylan, Brandon and Alyssa. Hope I spelt their names correctly. Ohhh...... they are so cute!! You will know who they are in the order of their height, tallest being Dylan, then Brandon then Alyssa!! hehe.... so cute. Any comments on their adorable cute looks?? Keke.... So anyone wanna have kids?

Pool Report : Went to Pool Fusion 3 at Midland House. Played against James Ang. Race to 9 racks, 9 Ball. He led me 5-2 initially and he thought the game ended. Hehe.... but he forgot we were supposed to play till 9 racks. Continued the game and I beat him 9-6. I had a good run of quite a few racks before conceding any more racks. Felt my gameplay improved quite a bit. But I rather just remain humble and amatuerish about it. So far I am happy with my pool game progress. Things will get better when the Big Plan takes effect.

News : Dear all, I will be going into the Army for my Annual Reservist. Sigh..... I belong to Armour. Once Armour, Always Armour. So going in to sharpen my military skills so that I can better protect all you readers from potential foreign invaders should there be any ( I know dun have la.... but still bo bian. Government orders ). I report on the 15th August Monday till 26th August. Will come back and speak my heart out once more. So for nearly 2 weeks, please bear with me and I promise to return with more pictures and I will reveal my own picture to all you audiences. Finally......... (I know some of you wanna know who I am. Kekeke...) So please hang in there tight and wait for my return. Thank you and Bless you all!!!

"Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light."

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

FlickR - Pic Hosting Site

Dear All,

Pls be patient with me for alittle while. I realise that trying to upload photos using Blogspot is rather difficult and time consuming. I am trying to use another Picture Hosting Site, FlickR. I think they are quite solid. So hang in there while I experiment with it. The reason why I am doing this is because, if you guys have been following my blog, there's been more and more pictures!!! As a picture tells a thousand words, I know you readers will prefer to see them. It will show you what the heck I go through in a day!!

Everyone's faces will appear!!! Hehehe..... Including mine.... Sadly. I had wanted to conceal my face because I had not want to profit from my online blog for any reason. Today one of my colleagues asked me why I dun take pictures. I just didn't wanna fall into the trap of glorifying myself in anyway. But now its no longer possible to hold back because the photos which I have collected are way too many to filter out those that involve me. But then there will still be quite few of me. Hehehe..... Cheers and kindly wait up! When the photo-hosting exercise is complete, I will come back with more interesting pictures to amuse everyone!!! Cheers..

Big Plan Report : Finally! Signing my Big Plan tomorrow. Err... Wednesday 10th. At TheQshop. Will release more details soon. Stick around!

"The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit for doing them."

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

NDP & Bets with Jasmin Goh

I am continuing the National Day Parade's (NDP) picture contribution here. Quite a few cars, very dressed up ones, the ones that make lotsa men go gaga. Really interesting sights. So have any of you paid a visit to the NDP carnival? For those who have not gone, Tuesday is the very last day!! Go Go Go!!! Dun miss this! Even saw armour vehicle rides! Power!

There were so many accessories for cars there that its simply awesome! Its a pity I didn't have much time to tour the whole place. I would have loved to see some new interesting gadgets like TIBO. Its some kinda navigation device. Pretty cool stuffs.

Big Plan Report : Finally the plan is set. Will finalise details and proceed with shipment. I am glad and happy that the plans that I have drawn up are finally realising. My dreams are coming true. Hopefully one month from now, I would have something marvellous to show everyone here!

I was at Pool Junction today. Jasmin Goh mentioned that she went to Pool Junction and found the place rather nice. Told her that I agreed with her however, there's a nicer pool hall. Its called the Labyrinth featuring Metro Brunswick 9 ft Pool Tables. Its next door to Pool Junction only la... I will introduce more of the place next time when time permits.

I think Jasmin wants to train pool and beat me at my favourite game. Hmmm.... Race to 9 racks, 9 Ball game with NO handicap at all. Of course with extremely risky and sensitive bet involved!! She sure sounds very motivated however, she doesn't realise how much more effort, time, money and passion I put into my pool game. Hehehe.... She sure is optimistic about beating me, hehehe.... haughty aren't I? nah.... jus to infuriate the opponent so that she will be more motivated!! Hahaha.....

Apologies! Gotta end tonight's articles now because I have got NDP duties tomorrow morning!! Will post more and more pictures in the coming days when I have time because I have got so many picture to show all you readers!!!

"It is a fine thing to have ability, but the ability to discover ability in others is the true test."

Monday, August 08, 2005

NDP Carnival's Pics & Blogs

Today has been an extremely hot and tiring day for me and my colleagues. We were doing our duties at the National Day Parade Carnival at Marina South and its just so DAMN hottttt......... I could still feel the heat now. Dread Tuesday when I have to go down and bear the burn out there... sigh...

I have uploaded these pictures for your viewing pleasure. Alot of PICS!!! A glimpse of what I saw the the carnival. Told you guys to go. Go la.... Join us in the heat. Keke....

I was extremely tired today. Didn't go train my pool nor go gym. Way way too tired. Just wanted to update my blog and bring you readers my pictures. Enjoy it while I talk about something else.

I have been reading some blogs lately. The intriguing thing about reading someone else's blog is that basically we are reading into the mind of the designated person. Or at least reading what the person wants us to know.

Read flamboyant and fashionable XiaXue. Amazing lady who never seems to have anything unexciting in her life. Her life is so full of activities and pleasantries. Sometimes I kinda envy her lifestyle. It makes one think whether are we missing out on something? Why is she enjoying so much of her life while we are slogging our butts out? Or is it that she is also like us slogging but that she also manages to enjoy the journey while we make miserable monkey faces showing our detest for a hard life? I just know her life is one cool life.

Another blog I read is Sarong Party Girl's Blog(SPG). Her openmindedness is indeed an eye opener for me. We have very few such liberal minded ladies living in Singapore. Singapore females are generally restrained by our chinese cultural and religious limits. Very few want to express beyond the "decent & proper" levels of conduct. SPG's blog defies all these notions of a conservative chinese. Personally, I do not find what she is doing as wrong. There is no right or wrong. All things are permissible but not all things are beneficial. I cannot and will not judge. Who am I to comment on someone's life? At least they are leading happy lives. I feel that we have alot to learn from someone like her. She isn't afraid to share her wild freed up thoughts and endorses a liberated life. Its very enriching to read her articles although the read is somewhat complicated and at times, difficult to understand.

Reena's Blog hasn't been updated much recently, however, I think she is kinda going through an emotionally trying period. I do not know much about women's psyche but I can tell she is trying to manage. One thing about her blog is she can write very well. I enjoy a good read. This young lady talks about emotions and can be very detailed about it. Its hard to fully comprehend the full measure of her predicament but I sure hope to know more. I know she is also quite a tough person thus I am sure she will be able to handle things well. If anyone wanna read into emotional entanglements, read Reena's blog. It has an extremely rich description of human emotions stressed by human's unpredictable behaviour. Cool and complicated.

I talk about these blogs because they have all given me very new perspectives into life. I have learnt that my problems isn't all that bad after all. There are always people out there who are worse off than me. I have to learn to look on the bright side of life. I cannot decide how life turns out for me, but I can decide what attitude I wanna adopt to live through life. These blogs are exemplary in many ways. They show us different ways of thinking, behaving and conduct of life. Let's all LIVE and LET LIVE.

Big Plan Report : Trying to sort out A Certificate of Authenticity. Not even sure if it exist but Pool Haven's May did confirm that there is a Cert for what I wanna get. Checked with Greg from the Qshop. He's nice enough to follow up those details for me. I am close to finishing the Big Plan. Just have to settle the Cert thingy and I will be done. Then I will await the right time and set my plans in motion. It will take about a month to get all things in
order. Meanwhile be patient okie! It will be a feast for you reader's eyes, its a promise. Hehe.....

My room is in a mess. Too many letters, bills and whatever. I need to do spring cleaning but I lack the energy. Maybe after the National Day Carnival, I will pump up some strength to keep things in order.

I will end for now. Tomorrow I will continue more of the Carnival's photos. Lots of photos on CARS!!! Yea.... cool looking ones too!! Dun stay away too long! Check back and see the shots tomorrow!!! Have a great night everyone!

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed."

Sunday, August 07, 2005

NDP Carnival, May Ong & Movie Review: Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

National Day Parade Carnival At Marina South. From the 6th to the 9th of August 2005. Go visit the carnival okie? Spent time setting up the premises. All the hard put it till rather late on Friday. So please go support okie guys? Hehe...

All our Hyundai range of cars are there.
I am doing duty on Sunday and Tuesday. Very Siong I think. Hot Hot Hot weather I think. I took some shots of some very interesting cars put up for show there. They were so dressed up that Vivian thought one of the cars were a Porsche, Auntie Linda thought its a Ferrari!! While Miss Ann Charlyn thought its a Lamborghini!! Wa.... all wrong. The mysterious car is in yellow with the unusual strange door is....... a Hyundai Coupe Tuscani 2.0 Auto!!! Hahaha.... amazing....

Since there are so many interesting and exciting things and cars to see, go la.... okie!! Enjoy the pics. There is AUTOBABE show too!!! Hehehe.......

Went down to Pool Haven and met one of the top
Female Pool Players in Singapore, May Ong. Also a contributor of articles in the Pool Fanatic Forum. A great player. Better than me anyway. Its been my honour to have know a lady of the opposite sex that humbles me so much. Her skills are by far compared to me, superior. But.... I will work hard to challenge her someday. Keke..... As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another. She has helped me greatly by giving me precious advice, personal pool tips and is such a friendly person! Truly my honour to have known her. I have always believed that women can be hell good pool players, and May is a very good exampe of that. Cheers to her!!!

I have so many pictures and things to talk about, but I simply dun have much time to blog. Time is spent training my pool, working and blogging. So I have been really really busy with little time for much.

I have decided to reveal all names very soon. I think nick names has been too confusing for alot of my readers. I will not list those who violently objects being on my Blog. Like I did mention before, my true friends should feel honoured that I list them here because it means they have a place in my heart. For those not listed yet, please be patient coz I only have 10 fingers and not 20!!! Hehehe.... Its more interesting to show who the real people are. Only for a few really sensitive ones, then I will continue using nicks.

Big Plan Report : I am still having a hell of a big headache as to which table to buy. There has been so much talk about so many factors. Forum guys were quite a help too. I appreciate all the forum guys who gave their precious advice so willingly.

Movie Review : Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

A very heart warming and visually stunning show. Amazing graphic representations and very cute too!! Johnny Depp's acting is fabulous, as usual of course. Moral of the story is also exemplary. I think its a show all the young and adults should watch. Teaches all the right values in life. Haven't you always wondered what a giant chocolate factory is like? Its kinda fantasy type of factory which is abit ridiculous expecially the "Glass Lift". Wa lao..... what kinda lift is that man...... ? Too far-fetched there for even a highly naive person like me to believe. However, overall still a very good show to watch. Tim Burton the Director would never disappoint. Go catch it.

Verdict : 8.5 / 10 ( Visually stunning and funny show too!! Go train a Squirrel!! )

Thank you Geraldine for your email attachment of the MP3 song, In The Arms Of An Angel. Its simply heavenly just listening to it. Touches my heart always. Thank you so much.

"Whoever is happy will make others happy too. He who has courage and faith will never perish in misery."

Friday, August 05, 2005

Qshop, Labyrinth & Metro Brunswick Pool Table

Hi Dear Friends!!! How are you guys today?! Went for Gym today at 7pm with my personal trainer Mr Hanafi. An accomplished body builder who is both a great professional and a fun person to be with. Sorry I do not have his picture, will try to get it!!
While I was "tortured" and "mobilised", grimacing under the reaper's hand, he was also telling me all the funny jokes about California Fitness Centre(CFC) having alot of gays around. And they were real stories too!! Amazing... I saw an old church aquaintance whom I knew some 15 years ago. He used to be a PTI (Phyical Training Instructor) with the army. Came out and now is a personal trainer with CFC. However, my trainer said this old aquaintance of mine is GAY!!! Gosh... Asked him for proof, and he replied that Derrick Angtold Mr Hanafi himself!! Wa... lau... Jia lat.... Nothing against gays, just had always thought he was straight, then it came as kinda surprise. Jolted my mental stability... hehe.... Anyway, Derrick Ang's still a nice guy. Anyway had a hell of laughing time with Mr Hanafi. Brother, you are a cool man!!
I continued my BIG PLAN. Went to Qshop at Bras Besah before I went to CFC, had a detailed talk with Greg, one of the owners there I presumed. He gave me his opinion on several tables . Primarily they were KRAFTWERT WOLF, METRO AILEEX and METRO BRUNSWICK. Very knowledgeable fellow indeed. I like the fact that he is not the pushy type and the way he talks, he sure sounds very sincere and genuine. I like this kinda people. A genuine heart is very important.
Then after CFC, I went to Pool Junction's newly openly premises called LABYRINTH. One word. SUPERB!!! The environment there is 1st class pool hall. The best I have seen so far. Solid Brunswick Metro 9ft Pool Tables with DROP pockets!! Man, thats power!! Quite a refreshing change. The elegance of the game can be fully experienced there. Oh... they serve great food and even WINE and BEER!! No smoking of course. But they do have a pub lounge area where its partitioned by a darkened wall of glass. Very classy pool hall. Extremely impressive. However the draw back is its pricing. $13.80 per table per hour is stiff but believe me, even I felt its worth it to play there! James order JimBean with Green Tea. Game play for him was kinda haywire due to the intoxicating drink. Hehehe.... Good strategy, get the better player drunk and beat him to a pulp! Ha!
Met Jimmy there. A friend of James. Played against him several racks of 9 balls and my, he's good. Overall we are evenly matched but he's definitely sharper than I am. I still make silly mistakes, you know? Keke.... Jade is just a mere mortal. Haha....
After Labyrinth, James and I journeyed to Bukit Timah to view some of the pool halls there. The objective was to see some of their tables there. We ate Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice while we were there. The food was so so so good... Maybe I was hungry hoh? coz I didn't have proper dinner mah.... No gf to nag me to eat so forgot to eat. Hahahaha.....
Went to Century Pool, Pool Factor and Loop Pool. One word. Sucks. I dun like the environment at all. I am someone who looks at Pool as a highly evolved sport that commands class, grace, elegance and skill. However the premises look run down and no effort was put in to spice the ambience there to respectable level. Of course the table rates there are very low and would suit most students budget well. But they are just way way out of Pool Junction, Pool Fusion and most of all, Labyrinth's league.
I posted a notice on the Pool Fanatic's Forum, asking for used METRO BRUNSWICK 9ft Pool Table. Hope there will be some replies soon.
Kelly wants to bet with me. Stakes are unknown as of now but its definitely gonna be very very big.
Method of bet: 8 Ball Game of Pool. Race to 9 racks. Handicap me 6 racks. So she starts the game against me 6-0 already.
Can I still beat her? Errr.... really dunno. Never played against her before. Sounds tough. But I will do my best and post the results here. Hehe.... a great challenge indeed. Probably the highest risk bet I have ever tried. Oh by the way, she raised the betting challenge with me, not the other way around okie? ( I'm innocent!)
News : National Day Carnival Events will be held at Marina South from the 6th to 9th of August 2005. Jackie Chan, Emil Chau, Jack Neo, and many more will grace the 4 day event. There will be military static display of vehicles as well as mobile land and sea rides!! Included are also used cars, parallel imports and new cars for sale!! My company is taking part and I will be there on Sunday and Tuesday!! Siong ah...... Come support and have fun okie??
Sorry ah.... berry late already. Nearly dying in my room so gotta go sleep some winks. Talk more tomorrow when my battery is charged up okie!! Cheers!!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Carpeting For My Big Plan

The search for my carpet continues. Went to Spotlight with my family to take a view of some of the carpets. Cheap but quite limited in selection. We all didn't quite like what we saw. By the way Spotlight is located at Plaze Singapura. Decided to go to IKEA and see the carpets there, hoping that they will have a better choice of selection.
Arrived at IKEA at 9pm. Went straight to the carpet section and my, my! There were really alot of carpets there. There are expensive ones and cheap ones. Overall the quality of their carpets aren't bad at all. Saw afew nice ones and got a consensus amongst my family members. Also took a couple of pictures to let my dear readers view. Any comments? Which ones do you guys like? Top pic, Middle pic or Bottom pic? I prefer the beige square designed one, Pic 1 at the top. Will be getting 4 sets of the carpets for my main hall flooring. If you the reader still do not know why the heck I am getting the carpet then its because you have not been reading my past post. Go check out post 2 days back.
This shows that the process of planning for something dramatic is not easy and time-consuming. But I love it enough to be different. Almost all households have a main TV, sofa set and a table in their halls. Kinda boring. I like to be different. My family's house will be different.
I discovered by chance Jasmin can play piano!!! My gosh... that's quite something I must say because not only can she play, she has GRADE 8!!! OH MY GOSH!!! She should have just taken the diploma course and worked as a music teacher. It would have been alot better that way since she loves music. Sad to see someone not pursuing her passion simply because her parents deemed piano as a pathway to no future. Sigh... sad. I have always loved piano. Love it so much... but I can't play for nuts. Learnt it a few times. Could read a couple of notes and hit a few keys but that's about it. If there was a good teacher willing to teach, sure, I would love to learn from the person. If there should be any morons out there who dare to laugh at my inability to play the piano thinking I am a poor adept at music, you should realise I am alot better in guitar. Acoustic Guitar. Hahaha....
Maybe someday Jasmin can see my clavinova.....
Received a strange call this night. Auntie Cherlan. She is a 40 plus lady who used to be a centre-manager at Jurong Point Zone X Amusement Centre. One of my ex-colleagues. I was then running the Zone X outlet in Bishan Junction 8. That was some 5 to 6 years back. She called asking me if I was free and wanna meet up to catch back on some old times and see how I have been. Hmmm..... I have my doubts. Not that I should approach this invitation with skepticism but I do have doubts. She says she is very free these days and not doing much, then why suddenly seek me out? She didn't quite wanna reveal much of anything on the phone and wanted to see me before I leave for my Army Reservist on the 15th August. Till then....
Should I improve on the lightings at my house for my big plan? I am not sure at all. Drop me some suggestions or comments if possible on this. Just wanna hear some thoughts.
Found Kristina rather quiet. Not quite her usual chatty self. Hope I am not being too sensitive but I could sense it. Felt its not quite my place to ask anything. I am sure if she wants, being a big girl, she will talk about it. There is little I can do as a friend if my friends behave as if they wanna be left alone. I can only do so much. I would like to add,"Ask and it shall be given, Seek and you shall find, Knock and it shall be opened to you."
I had some friends who forwardly told me they never wanna be listed on my blog or have their photos published here. Hahaha..... I think to myself, they are thinking too highly of themselves aren't they? My blog's a non-profit blog. Even if anyone pays me money, I may not accept their offer to show their pictures here. Anyone who appears here are my friends whom I treasure in this life journey of mine. Its a rememberance to me, to us and for all of us. Why should I list my enemies here? Siao.... I am not that crazy to waste my time, effort and blog space talking about people I dun give a shit about. They can kiss my *** for all I care.
So for those ever listed in my blog, for those whose picture ever get shown here, you are all people whom I do give a hoot about. There may not have been much time spent to know everyone, but I give you this space in my blog as a sign of a space in my heart. Hope you will understand my heart.
This blog is a record of events that has happened, is happening and will happen in the future.
Thank you my dear friends. Love you all.
"Other people's opinion of you does not have to become your reality."

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

KK Chan

Had a great time last night! Had an important break through in my game of pool. Went to Pool Fusion 3 last night after scouting around for carpets at SpotLight at Plaza Singapura. James, as usual is there with Godfrey. They were in their own sort of race to 7 racks or something. 9 Ball. I got down to practicing my strokes at the adjacent table. I needed to get my playing strokes right especially since lately you guys know how much I have been lamenting about my game play after the cue tip change to Thomas M Tip.
I kept playing straight shots and straight potting, and believe me, its a disaster. 80 % of my shots went bonkers. Sigh.... Thought my stroking is bad. Just kept on drilling the same shots to maintain consistency.
Then Singapore's top 9 Ball player KK Chan came!! Suddenly he just talked to me!! He explained and shared with me my mistake about bridging too far from the cue ball contact point. A longer bridge is unstable as contrasted with a shorter bridge. Longer bridges provide much more spin and English thus to keep good strokes, one should use a shorter bridge until we are absolutely comfortable and accurate, then proceed to long bridges. Physically he showed me his absolutely fascinating skills. He is a left hander, but still plays so fluently and my my, am I impressed. He has helped me correct my strokes and now with the Thomas M Tip, I have finally found the effectivenss and the power of the tip most useful!! I had thought the tip sucks, pardon the language, but now its truly almost complete! An official thanks to KK Chan!
What was great about this incident is that such a reputable player like himself showed no airs and was so willing to share his expert knowledge and advice. We need such capable and sharing personalities in this sport. Believe me, I practiced what he taught me and in a matter of 5 to 10 minutes, my game played improved 100%!! Incredible I must say thus I wanna note it down in my blog! Potting became relatively easy. The 2nd picture from the top is KK Chan. I am most impressed with his sharing and non-selfish personality. He has played in major tournaments like World Pool Championships in Tai Pei and San Miguel Asian 9 Ball Tour Tournaments. A jovial guy that has caught my attention and I am sure he will go a long way in this game!
Pool Report : Played with James our usual 2 games, 8 and 9 Ball. 8 Ball, race to 3 racks, beat him 3-2. 9 Ball, race to 9 racks, beat him 9-6!! On form sia..... keke..... Good results. The 3rd picture is William!! My present coach la..... Hell of a good player. Rated top 5 pool players in Singapore. Owner of the Pool Fusion Establishment. Geraldine, your boss! Hehehe....
Presently now, I am searching for carpets for my house flooring. If the readers here have been following my threads, they would know what the crap I am up to. Hehehe.... something wild and something I want. Will be going down to SpotLight tonight with my family to view some of the carpets. Gotta lay them soon over my flooring tiles. It will make my place very comfortable. Placing a pool table in my house! That's called serious game play! So I have been busy these couple of days dealing with all this. At least I am happy.
Have also been discussing with James about looking for another coach. We think we need a more willing coach like KK Chan. Maybe Tan Tiong Boon too. William is simply too busy to help us much although his knowledge and game play is superb. We needed the intangibles, the caring and sharing spirit with or without fees involved. We will probably wait till the National 9 Ball Tournament due in September 2005 is over before we decide. Cheerz to my Pool Passion!!!

"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves."

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tampines Rovers, Friendship & A Great Song

Today I was awoken from my slumber at 945am instructing me and my colleagues who were on standby, to proceed back to office for urgent dispatch to Changi Airport. I thought, "Big shots from Korea coming?"
No, as you can see from the pictures and news, Tampines Rovers Football Club had won the Asian Football Federation Club Championship! They were returning from their flight and we were to welcome them at the Airport and cheer their fine results. There were many supporters and quite a feast for our eyes as all the players were there!! Final Score line in the Finals against Pahang was 4 - 2. Congratulations Tampines Rovers Football Club for an excellent season of great football!!!
Heard some bad news today. Kelly will no longer be in charge of our company's business accounts. There is going to be another person task to manage our accounts. This is sad news considering the fact that we have supported Hong Leong so strongly. Relationship also does matter doesn't it? The good news is that, she is going to be managing a better account albeit a more prominient one. I am happy for her yet kinda feel sad that the working relationship will definitely diminish. Just hope that while all else fades, the friendship remains.
Kelly, this message is for you. I know you will read this blog. However much confusion you are facing with Mr G, shouldn't complicate your journey for a happy life. Do what you do best. Enjoy what you do, shoot your pool, blade by the seaside and sip your wine. Life is still beautiful. I see much thoughts going through your mind and I can also feel that you are facing difficulties trying to understand what the other party is trying to imply. Know one thing for sure, if someone wants something bad enough..... they will go for it at all cost. Idle talk is a waste of time.
Today, I had a VERY DEAR FRIEND who asked me for advice on what to do since sales is kinda slow for her. I knew her problem but didn't wanna complicate her life. However, if I do not tell her the truth, then what kind of a friend am I? Genuine friends run a huge risk of losing the friendship when faced with whether to tell a truth or not. Have you ever faced such a situation? Lying brings no one any good.
Finally, I decided to shoot and let go. The truth hurts but it will set you free. I wrote on a piece of paper what I thought the problem was and asked her to simmer down the time-wasting activity which was turning into a huge obsession. Extremes of anything isn't good. Balance is the key. Even I need to learn to balance my lifestyle everynow and then. I feel for her. By saying something like that, I am not sure if it will hurt her feelings. But maybe I care too much and by not revealing what I feel would be tantamount to being a false friend. I want her to succeed and absolute honesty is essential. How many friends out there can swear by the moon and the stars that they have been the best of friends?
I have not seen or heard the response to my advice given but it may have some emotional consequences. Yes, Kelly is right. There may be consequences for others when a certain action is undertaken and I should not confine the effects of consequences to myself only. But I'd like to say, as a genuine friend, within the possible limits of imagination and moral ethics, I am doing my very utmost best for the well being of all so that we may be living a better off and happy life. Then again, the definition of happiness is different for everyone. How else can I show that I meant well? Will my intentions be misconstrued as otherwise? Only time will tell.
A song has had a profound effect in me these couple of days. Geraldine, whom I met at a pool hall at a late hour where she was running the premises then, showed me her website. Her website is listed on the right as an interesting link. If you preview her website, if there is audio on your computer system, you would hear the Sarah MacLachlan's angelic song, Angel or is it In The Arms Of The Angel? Its my all time number one favourite song. There is no other song above this. I have been logging on her website and leaving it on so that I could hear the soothing sentimental music even when I sleep. I need the song. She has agreed to find me the song. Hope I will be able to get hold of it soon. Its simply the most beautifully sung song ever by anyone!! Even Westlife could not sing it as well as Angelic Sarah Mac Lachlan. Everyone needs to hear this song. Really. I mean it. It has calmed my soul, allowed me to think through my life and kept my resolve in determining to make my life work out for me. The lyrics to the song is also on her webpage. Its an extremely creative webpage which is rather different from most people. I will see if I can get the song and host it on my website. Beautiful Song. Good job Geraldine.

"When we find that stillness within and give that mysterious voice a chance to speak to us, we hear the voice of the Great Spirit."