Thursday, September 29, 2005

Michael Goh & STOMP coming!

I have been rather sick lately. Signs of getting old I guess. Physically not as sharp nor as adaptable as before. Hey, I am not someone who brags about my physique wellness okie? Coz I dun have and feel rather weak. So dun bully me. Get it?

Ok, today I show another set of photos of my colleague Michael Goh!!! He is my Boss's right hand man. 40 plus guy who is extremely hardworking. Still single though. The remarkable thing abour Michael is that he comes in to work early in the day and leaves late in the night. And he does this every single day!! Literally! Amazing guy! We should all be like him!

Maybe sometimes he does have a temper but then again, who doesn't? Most of us will crackle up when things go wrong. So does he but when situation requires his expertise, believe me, he has better solutions than most of us. Some people call that, "Experience". He is my Team Leader. From previous postings, you have seen the other Team Leader, Roger. So these 2 guys are the Team Leaders. Think of them as Lieutenants of a platoon made up of males and females.

The pictures you see are taken in June when it was Michael's Birthday! Thought of letting you guys see who he is. He was the first guy whom I heard that told me,"Make your first Million!" I like to thank Michael here, although he doesn't read blogs, for so much of his help over these 4 and half years that I have known him in the car industry. I appreciate it. Thank you!

Some of my dear friends think I have alot of gfs! Ha.... for those who dun understand what the heck is gfs, too bad! Please la.... Where got? I wish. Some maybe very curious where the hell I go to when I am off work. The answer is simple. Either home, pool or movie. Simple enough? Keke.... I do not interact often with ladies because I think it is difficult for them to fully comprehend the mindset I have and have them understand why I do certain things. Didn't wanna explain all the much too. But no la.... I am SINGLE! hahaha... Married to Pool? maybe.

This Friday.... STOMP! Exciting stuff I think. Have been wanting to watch it a long time. Grace Low my colleague who also enjoys theatrical performances especially those music recital ones, just didn't like this one. So sad. I have been wanting to watch it some years back but low on budget then so decided to give it a miss. Look at it this way, I am willing to give up QUIDAM for this, so go figure! It gives me pleasure to see daily objects which we use producing beautiful coordinated music! Go watch la.... only 8 performances! I got my tickets, have you? I think Esplanade performances doesn't allow photos so better not expect any! Thank Singapore Tourism Board for bring STOMP here. I am honoured to have known someone from STB! Kekeke.....

Lately, I have been reading quite a few blogs. Apparently the Blogsphere is really expanding tremendously and the government seems to be stepping in to control the the way content is being discussed in blogs. Aiya.... some of these bloggers also abit Ku Ku. Racism cannot be accepted and cannot be tolerated. Live in harmony together la... If racism cannot be accepted, I think tourist in foreign lands would have been in deep shit. Ooopss. Pardon me. Keke...... Love one another okie?

The next time I blog, I am gonna advertise my Hyundai Car Prices! My company actually questioned us on why didn't we post on the internet??? COZ management told us NOT TO!!! Wa lau..... Sabo man....... Nevermind. Its never too late. Watch for Car Prices here okie?!! Hehehe... Should be interesting! Dunno what format it will be in but it should be fun to look at it. Cheersz......

"There are only two ways of getting on in the world; by one's own industry, or bu the weaknesses of others."

"The reward of a thing well done is to have done it."

Monday, September 26, 2005

Eddie Lee's Birthday & Flickr!

All right! Finally I have gotten my Flickr up and working! After quite some time of fiddling with it! Shag man....... Understand that Blogspot's ability to support photos are rather limited thus I have switched to Flickr so that we can all see more photos!!! Hahah..... lotsa photos to view!!! Enjoy and have fun!

Sept 21st is Eddie Lee's Birthday! Eddie Lee is my Hyundai colleague. Cute guy hoh? His party pictures are the highlighted link below! Any girls interested? Hahaha.... Too bad, this guy is "taken"! hahaha..... Next time show you guys his gf! Kekeke..... Have fun viewing the pictures!

These 2 days I have fallen greatly ill. Down with heavy flu. Runny nose and all that. Missed my job on sunday. Missed my Pool 9 Ball Tournament on Sunday at Pool Haven.Now monday and I am still down with flu.... can't believe it. Think I am getting seriously old. Body is weakening and getting useless. What to do? Sigh..... Think I will just go treat myself to something nice and warm to eat. Dunno what la.... go hunt la....

I do not know the results to the Pool Tourney. May Ong will update the results into Pool Fanatic Forum. Cheers there.

Things To Do:
  • Buy Aramith Ball Cleaner
  • Collect STOMP Tickets at SISTIC counter
  • Attend STOMP performance at the Esplanade
  • Attend Tuesday's Invitation to THE POOL ROOM, got mini casino, free buffet & Pool Finals Tourney
  • Collect 2x Book Gifts from War Veteran residing in Hotel Solace
  • Get some new car deals!!! Hahaha......

Ok, me tired now... old liao.... so me go look for other entertainment. Cheers dudes!!

"The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit of doing them."

"No man knows what he can do till he tries it."

Friday, September 23, 2005

Stairways to Heaven

Borrowed a set of 20 vcds from my colleague Kristina, STAIRWAYS TO HEAVEN. I only did watched 2 when she was looking for it to lend it to another person. Promised her I will finish it by Friday 23rd Sept which is today.

Right now in order to upkeep a promise, I am watching the show back to back remaining vcds for the next 6 hours till I have to go to work in the morning. Finished 12 vcds the last 3 days. Tired out but worth every bit of my time.

Everyone should watch this show. Touches my spirit, my soul, my mind and my heart.

Romance and love. Used to be a beautiful thing. The show brought back alot of my memories. Loving unceasingly with everything that we have got for the person most treasured in our hearts has been probably the most difficult thing in our lives.

When we quarrel and argue, where is our love? When we disagree and misunderstand, where is our love? When we wanna succeed more than others, when then is our love?

I seek not to be understood but that my life's story be written down. I care not for who reads it. If there be nice bloggers like Starlandliu, bless him. If there be unpleasantries from insect-like bloggers, I couldn't care less. People's opinions now are no longer of any concern to me. Used to think I care about public opinion because there are some I cared. Now I care not for any soul. Not even myself.

How often is it we do not treasure what we have before we lose it? Can we really afford to lose certain things in life? Try this. How about losing 5 years of your life losing not even knowing your own identity? How about your sight? How about your limbs? How about your loved ones? Tears flow when I think about the sad outcome as shown in the serial.

"Its only a show", as what some might put it but no........ It can be real. Must something somehow be taken from us before we realise the true value of it? Its very painful simply to watch the whole show through. Sentimental feelings gushed over me, piercing my mundane thoughts and amplifying my sense of reality. Its really difficult to imagine if the unfortunate may strike and we lose all. How will I handle it? I do not know. The seemingly unknowing endless possibilities daunt me in the very least.

Would u:
1. walk in the dark while u have sight knowing u will lose it in a week?
2. give up your loved one to your competitor knowing u will lose your life?
3. keep silent, news of your impending death from your loved ones?
4. still love a person after many years of disappearance?
5. understand your loved one even if he had kept quiet?
6. ever be deceived into thinking your loved one does not love u yet he really does?
7. rather "Love or Be Loved"?
8. go far enough to find out what your loved one is going through?
9. put down your facade of pride and character to love your spouse in spite of all?


There is so much more I could list down but stop here I would. I have felt so much after watching so much.


There has been so much misunderstandings in my life. People who didn't understand it thought of my attitude towards life as pathetic and irksome. Others thought of me as insensitive. Some thought I was being too much of a polite good doer. Several thought of me as politically scheming. Various individuals seemingly felt me different from who I am in this blog. Judge me anyways you want. Create your impressions of me in any form you choose.

I am one and the same person in this blog. Who I portray myself to be here is who I am in real life. Enough of public opinion. I am who I am.

My sincere apologies to everyone who loved or hated or did not know me. Apologies for wasting your time if I ever did. But thank you for bringing a small bundle of joy into my life whoever you are. You will never know how much your little bundle which you have brought into my life, would ever mean to me. Thank you. Good night.

"Luck is not something you can mention in the presence of self-made men."

"Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she had laid an asteroid."

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

2nd Home Pool Session! Updated!

Finally all the pictures from the 2nd Pool Session at my place. Those who went were: Cheryl, Dennis, Glen, Keane, Grace aka Migrey, Tommy, Rick, David Lim, Alvin, Kangwei and of course the host, ME la!!!
We actually played number ball game on the pool table! Bonus 14 and 15 ball, drink. Loser with the most poker cards also drink! Damn Funny! Enjoy the pictures!

"The only way to enjoy anything in this life is to earn it first."

"Men too involved in details usually become unable to deal with great matters."

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

1st Home Pool Session!

My pool forum friends came over this night and had a full scale experimentation of my pool table.

Here you see a new face! Barry aka Robvandam! hehe..... Great guy! Very conversational and a lecturer in IT. He plays pretty good pool and has a 7ft pool table at his home too! Heard its red in the colour of its table cloth. Sounds good. Someday go his place and play his table! Since he has a 7ft pool table and I have a 9ft, maybe we could train for next year's The New Paper After 5 Pool League hoh?? yea... idea..... hehe......

So here is Barry helping me to tighten the ball rack because the 1st ball is always loose. Smart guy to have used his bowling ball's finger tape to tighten the rack! Cool Bro! Appreciate using your expertise here! Excellent!

So here you see 4 other guys excluding me. I am not in the pictures.

They are doing arms warm up exercises before gameplay. keke... Their routine ritual exercise before a game of pool! hahaha.... no la.... just a joke. From left is Barry aka Robvandam, Alvin Tan aka Alvin, Godfrey aka Goody and James aka Omega74.

Apparently we had hell of a time talking rots and playing pool. We also experimented with different kinds of pool games. Interesting and extremely enriching! Cool...... Quite like what we played. Tonight, Alvin and Barry were the sharper and better players.

Ok today I realised pool is an extremely "sexist" game or should I say "SEXY" game??? hehe..... I will show you why. R(A) here so under 16 cannot read!! Hehe....
Pool terminology :

1. "Stroking my stick's shaft"
2. "Holding the butt"
3. " Hard Tip"
4. "Tight Holes"
5. "Dark Holes"
6. "Nice Rack!"
7. "Remember to push your stick thru"
8. "When u need to , use draw back stroke"
9. "My balls! My balls!"
10. "My balls didn't sink in coz its too big!"
11. "Sometimes we need to play it SAFE"
12. "5 men 6 holes many sticks and many balls"
13. "Some sticks have hard tips, some have soft tips"
14. " Nice stance and posture!!"

Aiyo, if anyone cannot get the meaning above, you must be a country bumpkin! Hehe..... Dunno then ask la. But darn funny! Damn R(A)!

It was indeed a fun and relaxing time. No time charges and no great discomforts. Table is very new and balls look great running all over the length of the table. Marvellous. Totally enjoyed the TCSS(Talk cock sing song) session! Of course got pool la...... hehe.....

Have been rushing to finish all the 20 vcds in which Kristina lent me.... Wa lau... alot ...... but I am kinda falling in love with the show! The guy is so handsome ( Ok Ok I am definitely not gay!!) and the gal is so so pretty! Amazing!

My target is to finish 3 vcds in 1 night! That's like over 3 hours of show!! wa.... Jia lat... but kinda enjoying the show too. Very romantic!! The VCD that was lent to me is "Stairway to HEAVEN!" I love Korean shows. So much better than the Japanese and the Chinese ones. I hope I am not the only one who is enjoying the show. Damn good ah!!!

I determine myself to finish the show by friday because I promised Kristina to return her the vcds by then. Took it a long time liao la.... Once I determine myself to do something, I will do it at all cost. But I seldom determine to do anything la... hehe.......

Something more on a personal note. Xishi and Starlandliu thought I do not like girls. I distrust them generally but I do note that there are still many women out there who are wonderful. I know I need more time. I have not made the best use of time probably, but I do not know how. The truth is I like girls la.... Please la.... I am a real guy la..... hehe.....

Kelly, you should know better that I like gals la..... hehe.....

Hmm.... Yo! Under 16 National Squad! hehe..... Like what you guys see here?? Keke...... Soon, very soon. I will arrange for you guys okie okie?? hehe....

Elvina..... dunno what to say. I do feel that often destiny lies in our own hands. Leaving it to chance and fate is admitting that we cannot win. Very often the actions shown means alot more than the talk talked.

Wa lau...... my brain now all filled with "Stairways to Heaven" the show. Darn romantic..... sigh..... too caught up in it myself. Oh no....... addicted to the show..... ok stop blogging and gonna concentrate on the show. Its officially now 420am. Cheers till then again my friends!

"If initiative is the ability to do the right thing, then efficiency is the ability to do the thing right."

"Competence, like truth, beauty, and contact lenses, is in the eye of the beholder"

Monday, September 19, 2005

Rick and My Random Thoughts

Another new character introduction today!

Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce to you........... Mr Rick Hiah! Hiah! Hiah! (Hear the Karate Chop sound??) Hehe......

He is a jolly fellow who enjoys a good laugh. The best is that he creates them! A very swell guy who has a very good soul, always nice to people around him and filial to his parents. Quite the kind of guy that a girl would like to bring home to meet her parents. Oh..... A hint.........available! Be quick, such excellent qualities will sure to be snapped up soon! hehe...... Oh he didn't pay me commission to say this. (Come to think about it, he should hoh??)

Drives a white BMW. Always on good terms with fellow colleagues and friends. Has a well-liked persona. Date him out and experience his comical nature. A fine man I must say.

Have been talking to someone quite alot lately. Had exchanges of opinions ranging from the definitions of Obsession to Passion, from finger-licking good stuffs to opening of hotel business and most of all, about The Art Of Escaping. That's kinda alot of talk for a crap thinker like myself. All the talking had resulted in several of my own random thoughts being unleashed onto my blog here.

1. I have been in my job for 4.5 years. Selling cars isn't really all that easy. Its alot of humbling I would say. I know in my heart I need to keep the faith my Boss has in me. Repayment of gratitude is only a matter of time. I have never forgotten it, I will never forget it and I am grateful. Thank God for this.

2. I need to focus on something. I have chosen Pool. Chosen Pool some 8 months ago when my life was in disarray. Few could understand. Tried explaining but realise not one could understand. Most pool friends love a game of pool. Somehow I love to drill. I do not like betting money. Gambling just isn't my forte. But I know I wanna be good in the game. I seek my own direction and I thank my coach for his efforts too. For those who do really support my passion, I'd like to say a big THANK YOU!

3. Love life. I am escaping. Like what one of my dear friend would say, I am escaping. I do not deny. Being 13 years filled with betrayals isn't something I quite enjoy. I admit I am not having an easy time getting rid of my distrust. Thus I focus alot in pool. So if no one understands, so be it. Que Sara Sara. Ditto.

4. Movies. Movies is another great love I have. Do not under-estimate the love I have for movies. I do not like VCDS or DVDS!!! Rather watch it at the cinemas anytime! keke.....

5. Women are Evil

Equation: Women = Time x Money

Since Time = Money

Thus Women = Money x Money= (Money)2

Since Money = Root of Evil

Thus Women = (Root of Evil)2

Thus Women = Evil

Had a friend who wanted to kill time because of an equation that said time=pure evil. So like this new equation I am showing, should we kill err..... hehe..... joke.

"When pride comes, then comes disgrace; but with the humble is wisdom."(Proverbs 11:2)

"A man's pride will bring him low, but he who is lowly in spirit will obtain honour."(Proverbs 29:23)

Friday, September 16, 2005

3rd Pool Haven 9 Ball Tournament!

Howdy everyone! Apologies for blogging little lately. Been busy. Guess what?? Its BACK!

CueSports Singapore 9 Ball In-House Tournament (Handicap Format)
Venue : The Pool Haven , Riverside Point
Date : 25th September Sunday 2005
Time : Registration 1230pm, Play Commencement at 1pm Entry Fees : Under 16 $10
Under 21 $25
Ladies & Adults $50

Go support if you can okie?? If any of my readers confirm going pls indicate on my tagboard on the right! Wanna know who is going! Keke....

Come to think of it, petrol prices really getting darn high. Wa lau... been like paying $1.66 for 95 unleaded petrol for quite a while. I think there is a Cartel at work...... Hmmm... fishy. Sometimes I also think why these petrol companies wanna make things so confusing. They have a price then add discount then nett nett price after discount. Wa lau... jus give one price and we compare la...... makes all our lives easy right? The petroleum companies really think we are fools.... sigh....

Ok, today I will introduce to my readers 2 new male characters!!! Any ladies interested please submit your auction amounts to my tagboard! keke.....

Ok this MATURE man is Roger Lim. Some people call him "Ah Lao". Known him for as long as I have been in the car line. Some 4 and half years. He has an excellent sales pitch which always nets him some sales somehow. Great talker and a left hand man of my Boss, Ricky Tay. Team Leader to 11 other staffs. Oh I am under Michael Goh. So it means that Roger isn't my Team Leader. He likes to TCSS (talk cock, sing song) keke..... Super Heavy Smoker! I think he likes KENT. Also a prolific snooker player (ok, maybe I was exaggerating alittle) and enjoys playing mahjong and anything to do with gambling with some money including Number Ball in Snooker Billiards.

He is a helpful individual who is usually alone at night. Has a daughter called Jane. Hmmm... where is Tarzan?? Hehehe.... Owns a Hyundai Accent 1.5. If you ever see this man, ask him to show you how he dances! You will laugh your head off!! Hahaha..... Quite a joker at times too. So any potential dates? Aunties? Hehe.... joke la. He's still a nice chap.

Ok next! Mr Yan Dao. Jason Lee aka Gigolo (My Boss gave him that nick!). A tall handsome fellow whose intimate details can be found in Friendster!! haha... go go quick go check it out! His Friendster picture is nicer than what I have got here. He said he's shy about me taking his pictures!! An absolute joker too. Wonder why didn't film producers didn't ask him to act in Batman vs Joker! He's the typical tall good looking chap that girls usually get bluffed by. Moreover blessed with an inate sales sweet talking, gosh.... already many girls have dreaming about our friend here.

My Boss, Ricky calls him Gigolo because he thinks women are generally smitten by Jason. Keke.... I tend to agree. A jovial personality coupled with a ridiculously humourous nature shows a very sanguine bright character. A likeable persona. Anyone wants to know him please state your intentions in my tagboard on the right! Heheh.... gays can apply too. keke......

So now readers know 2 more of my colleagues! Hehe...... The next introductions I will focus on gals!! Cheers and stay tuned dear ones!!!

"Don't fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions : Could have, Might have and Should have."

"Limited experience creates limited life."

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Christianity: My Side of the Story

I do not quite have alot of time to blog what I really wanted. Its always kinda rush here and rush there. I am gonna talk about something really contentious. Gonna sound boring to some but critical to me. This day, readers will hear something deep about me.


Background Story:
Went to catholic church when I was 9. Became a charismatic at His Sanctuary Services at age 12. Baptised. Name : Isaiah. Left the church to join City Harvest Church at age 17 and became a pentacostal charismatic christian. Was there till 24. Left and didn't return till now. 15 years in the church. 8 years of being called "Father Daniel" by my common peers. An outcast amongst popular groups. A stronghold amongst christian community then.

The Big Question : Why leave the Church?
No answer could ever suffice. Why the need to explain anyway? I have got friends who dun even bother to explain. So? But I want to reveal something about myself here. I do not carry incense sticks nor bow to any idol nor pray at any temple. I will never. Because I love my God enough. If readers did read carefully, I did thank God in some of my past post.

However, I left the church because humans failed. Yes, I have heard way too many times that we should look towards God because men will fail us but God will never fail us. All the scriptures would probably be thrown at me by some hypocritical so called christians whom i have the misfortune of being in contact recently. When I was that age, I could not accept seeing christians behave so superfically. Many were doing things so that other christians could see it. For goodness sake, its written also that blessed are those who bless in secret, for only God can see it. Thus they truly glorify God. But those that do things that let other men see, glorify themselves. I am no angel. But at least my conduct is alot better than some christians who profess God on their lips, behave ultra spiritual and using biblical scriptures to shoot others down.

Not that there aren't any worthy ones. There are. They are my friends now. Karen of City Harvest Church. Rena. James Ang. Angeline Delynn Ho, friend of 12 years, formerly Faith Community Baptist Church. These are friends who dun throw scriptures at sinners like me. These are friends who used their normal lives to be an example to me. Thus I know that they are the children of God.

I detest superficial christians who say one thing but behave in another unlikely way. And yes, I had the displeasure of encountering one such person lately. But I will not dishonour her here. Just wanna say I AM PISSED@!#* It exactly amplifies my reasons for leaving the church. So sad.

I like genuine people. Humble people. Truthful people. Honourable people and People with Integrity. It doesn't matter whether they are Christians or not because anyway it seems to appear that most non-christians behave better than spiritual christians. What a set back for Christianity. Sigh. These so called christians would end up lamenting during their "quiet time" and crying and so called "weeping". If we christians do make a mistake, we fall, its ok. Get our shit together, get our asses up and get moving!! Some christians really behave like pricks. Sigh. Pastor Francis of Tablenacle of Christ Church and Pastor Kong Hee of City Harvest Church deserves special mention because they truly live lives of example. I feel great simply to have known these people in my lifetime. Thank God for them.

Ok for now, I need to go bath in cold water. Temperature hitting almost 100 degrees! Cool myself down. Keke.... Sorry for all my blabber and abrupt banter. Talk to you guys soon. Cheers and be merry still!

"The Greatest Gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance."

Saturday, September 10, 2005

My Peace : Metro Brunswick 9 ft Pool Table!!!


The moment has arrived to reveal the pictures to the complete set up of my pool table! Its beautiful, simply beautiful. Courtesy of the marvellous service provided by theQshop, namely Greg, Paul, Jeremy and Dominic (for delivering the Iwan Simonis 860 Electric Blue Cloth). Thank you. Ok, now see the pics and believe!!

Paul arrived at 115pm on Thursday afternoon and had a brief view of my resident hall. We waited for the truck to arrive and arrive it did at about 145pm. All the setup stuffs were carried up to my 7th storey HDB Apartment. On this day alone, we did carpeting in the morning, kitchen cabinet installation and pool table installation. So you can imagine how busy I got...

Really alot of stuffs were brought up. Paul started unpacking all the relevant stuffs and began the installation works of the pool table legs. It was a massive task doing all the work as I personally witnessed the difficulty of the table set up.

As I did alot of checks around, most said that as long as the tables come in Brunswick boxes, it should be original. So this is the box! Of course I would not be all the gullible to presume that its complete genuine until I see something else that I really wanted to see. The Warranty Card or Cert of Authenticity. I found the Warranty Card which I have to register online. Not that its important, but it kinda satisfies the soul when you purchase something like that.

The portion of warranty card I gotta send. The card gotta travel all the way to America! hahaha... Probably it will get lost somewhere over the pacific ocean. Well, what the heck.

It comes with a 1 yr warranty. Not very important actually because such tables can last more than 10 yrs easily. Besides, theQshop will be assisting me to maintain the table.

There's so much to show you guys. My heart lies here. My peace lies here. Its something I have been wanting all this year. Now its here! Its EXCITING! Its the closest thing to having a pub in your house! I am indeed glad and feel blessed!

In the past, used to think about putting a pool table in my house, there will be alot of people saying I must be crazy to do so. Yea.. maybe. But my passion got the better of me. Now its a reality. In life, sometimes we must go against all odds to do what we want then see the marvellous rewards coming!

I have decided to slow my talk here and just let the viewers appreciate the pictorial displays. Do leave a comment and let me know what you readers think?

Thank you for so much encouragement and support over these few weeks. Hope your long waits for these pictures aren't in vain!

So how do you guys like what you see? Its the best I can do at this moment. Light distribution may not be the best but can do for now. Air-conditioning has been tested ok only. Can be improved but for now gotta make do. Spacing is just nice. Tested several rounds and seem ok. Occasionally may get into tight spacing but any objects obstructing positioning can be moved easily.

Tired out setting up my pool table and arranging furniture and stuffs like that. Now my own room is a war zone. Keke... But I am happy.

Thank you for all your kind waiting. Now its PARTY TIME~!!!! Cheersz.......

"Failure to plan is planning to fail."