Thursday, October 27, 2005

PhotoHunt : Evolution!

Video Of The Day : The Voices(Korean) - HipHop Dance
Music Of The Day: Machi - 甜蜜蜜

(Caution: video loading is sometimes slow, but definitely worth waiting and watching! Super Babes!)

Okie! This is the post some bloggers have been waiting for! My past photos!

Dunno how I got coerced into doing this but anyway, what the heck.
Be like Nike. Just do it.

There are several photos of me. Starting from the most Ridiculous (which I thought looked kinda cute) to the most recent. You guys can see the banquet photos at the FlickR set at below right to know what state I have evolved to. Keke...... Those who have guts can also post their PHOTOS! Err... the no guts ones, just sit back, relax, enjoy the viewing and LAUGH THE HELL OUT LOUD! Knn..... (Dun tink me dunno u laughing). Well, as long as I have made your day, good enough! #&@*

I was 13 years old when I went for my Scuba Diving qualifications. So me can dive. Anyone wanna jio me go diving? Swimming? Skinny Dipping? Toot toot looking hoh?? Hehehe....
My Secondary School photos. Cannot see me right? Not Clear enough? Then see below. Hehe.....
Whaooooo.... Found me in the main picture yet? Kekeke.... Practice your photohunt skills more okie??! Hehehe.... The Darkest Tall guy to the right is me la..... Wa lau.
Okie, another one to test ur Eye-Sight. Which is me?? .......... DUNNO???!! WA lao..... u gotta see the optician...... jia lat........ Look below la......
This is me la!!! The Dark One la!!! Aiyo...... I am 18yrs old in this pic! Next Army Pic! One more test.

This is my platoon. Lion Company 42 SAR (Singapore Armoured Regiment). My platoon section 3. U had better know which is me by now.......... Knn..........(Sharpening knives).

Next pictures : Evolution (to a small extent la.... hehehe.....)

Ok ok ok..... I know I look like a wanted man...... Pls lo..... clean record lo........ Next evolution pic pls!
Trying to look PRO. I think failed la..... How come all the banking staffs got this kinda looks hah?? hahahahah.......
My name is Ah Huat! U also can call me Ah Fa! I am a Kopi boy at coffee shop lorong 5 and.....blah blah blah.......
Ahhh.... this is the look of like getting better! kekeke...... Last pic! Stop laughing la...... Take a deep breath....... and relax...... STOP LAUGHING LA!!!!

The Pro look. Too good life la.... abit bloated.... hahahaha.......

Hahahahha.... ok la. This is the last photo liao.... Hope you guys like my presentation and hope you did not laugh so much that you fell off your chair! Valerie aka Broken Promise and Elaine!!! Happy now!!!! Kekekekke......Cheers!

"Nothing can be done at all if a man waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault with it"

"The good news is that the bad news can be turn into good news when you change your attitude"

No Broken Promises!

Ok this is gonna be a short post for today.

Reason being:
Lately I have got 2 fellow bloggers who would probably wanna kill me if I didn't post my past photos. I think most of us looked really weird then. Fashion doesn't quite exist in primary and secondary schools then! They needed some humour in their lives you see. So I have to prepare the photos. By latest Friday I will put up the photos of how I hideous I look when I was young. Kekke....... Make sure u have not had your dinner, lest u puke out gross stuffs. Hehehehe.......

I will keep my promise. Never Broken my promises.

Meanwhile go take a look at their photos and have a good laugh yourselves!
The guilty parties are as follows:
1. Broken Promise
2. Elaine

All for a good cheer! Cheers! Yam Seng! Hehehee.......

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Kids Pool cum Fuel Consumption

Video Of The Day : Final Fantasy X
Music Of The Day : 欧得洋 - 孤单北半球

Had a session of playing pool with my colleagues and her children.

Kristina and Glendon brought Kris's children over to my place to have some fun with playing pool. (Imagine u guys playing at my place? Jus replace the kids with ur imaginary self! Kekeke) Cheryl and Dennis joined us. Total 8 of us! Wa lau.... like market place.

Kristina, holding cue stick on the right, wearing white top. Cheryl, at the window, wearing black and having her cue stick chalked by our professional, 3 yr old "chalker".

We had Dylan, 6yrs old trying his hand at the game. Little kid loves the game. Dylan is the tallest kid wearing red.

Brandon, 5 quite a good shot tough he isn't even tall enough to execute a proper pool stroke. We played a game of pool without fouls and penalities! Hehehe... damn funny. They played a game of men's doubles where Dennis joined up with Brandon and Glendon partnered Dylan. Brandon potted the last winning 8th black ball in the 8 Ball game! Won the game and amused all of us tremendously! Hehehe..... talents at a young age. Brandon is also wearing red but the slightly shorter one.

Then amusingly, we had a 3.5 yr old beautiful little lady, Little Alyssa, who ran around my pool table thinking she is like one of those girls holding up a Number of Rounds card parading herself in the boxing ring. She likes to run. She is also our "chalker" as in she, under the command of Cheryl, chalks her cue stick without Cheryl even needing to do it! Hahaha... hilarious.

These pictures are just what transpired at my place. Damn funny.......

Alittle about my line of work:

I have seen alot of types of customers in my line of work. Some ask really funny questions while some genuinely needs a car. Others come to see see look look while some come in and treat us sales people as slaves. We deserve as much respect as anyone in whichever industry.

One comment I would always hear from customers.

"Fuel consumption very high leh...."

I will talk alittle abit on this fuel consumption thingy.

1. Do understand a very important basic about fuel consumption. Weight is the greatest enemy to efficient fuel consumption. Lessen ur weight load, thus improving fuel consumption.

2. There are variables when a customer talks about fuel efficiency with weight load being brought into consideration. A fat person weights approximately 30 kg more than a normal person. How will it affect fuel efficiency? How many passengers are u loading into the vehicle? Often most family men would send their loving wives to work, wouldn't they? That's an additional weight to be considered. It will affect fuel efficiency. Customers do not quite remember these facts when they talk about fuel consumption.

3. Kerb weight of a vehicle is important. An MPV(Multi-purpose Vehicle) being a bigger vehicle obviously weights more! Thus of course uses more fuel. There are few MPVs in the market that consumes lesser fuel than a saloon car. Remember, MPVs generally were made to ferry 7 or 8 people in its vehicle structure. Most 1.6 litre cars weight 1.1 ton while others weigh 1.25 tons.

4. Since we are talking about weight here, do understand something too. Weight has a direct relation to the hardness of the chassis (Metal Structure). The harder the metal, the heavier the car. A car with a tougher metal tends to have less damage in the event of a collision. Think an armoured tank. I have personally seen many light weight cars with their bonnets or boot space greatly damaged. This is compared to the number of Hyundai cars in similar situations. Of course there are other unknown variables that may affect this outcome. My findings are not conclusive but are logical.

5. Watch ur "RPM Gauge". Shows u 2 important info. Most importantly, reving ur needle over 2000 rpm would be using alittle too much fuel. Remember, most cars can achieve good fuel efficiency. Its the driver that determines how much of that efficiency his car would achieve. Accelerate gradually would keep your RPM below 2500rpm at least. Impatient driving would surely drive ur needle over 3000rpm mark. Second info the gauge shows u, is the power derived from the car. Most people understand power as in let's say, 106BHP. Its always "106 BHP @ 6000rpm". Note the "6000 rpm". Power cannot be achieved without reving ur RPM high. The higher the RPM meter goes, the more fuel is used. Thus a common sense logic: MORE POWER, MORE FUEL USED. LESS POWER, LESS FUEL USED.

6. Tyre pressure and dimensions. An under inflated tyre has more of its rubber in contact with the tarmac road thus resulting in more friction and requiring more fuel to push the car. An over inflated tyre results in more speed but because of less contact surface with the road, tends to have lesser grip and affects road handling and cornering. A smaller tyre uses less power to push one revolution. A bigger tyre uses more power to go one revolution. Thus small cc cars generally do not try to use big dimensions tyres due to sluggish performance in its drive.

7. Sports rims give better stability on the road. Why? Because it is heavier. Heavier vehicles provide for better stability at high speeds without the usual violent vibrations. Most sports rims are similar. They are heavy. At least heavier than wheel hub and cap. Thus high cc powered cars have big tyres, big rims for absolute stability at high speeds on straight roads.

8. Air-Con. For goodness sake, Air-conditioning in the car uses about 15% of the fuel in a car. Turn off ur air-con if u can live with it and U can be assured of much better fuel efficiency. So blasting ur air-con speed high or low, temperature high or low can spell the amount of fuel u use.

9. Air-drag. Spoilers and body kits are there for a reason. The truth is they do function to provide a better airflow over the car thus lessening air-drag and thus improve speed and lessen fuel consumption. However, they usually work at high speeds of around 120km and above. In Singapore context, it tends to be less important. Most body kits done up are for aesthetic appeal only.

10. Engines do make a difference. Certain types of engine does use more fuel than others. However, the truth is, when u pump full tank petrol the difference is around $5 to $10 bucks. Its not all that much difference. Consider all my above points u would know its a contentious issue. Yet many motor firms boast about fuel efficiency. When we talk about engines, do take note of PRICE and COST.

Shell company and Class 95 had a Fuel Consumption test last year. They hired an expert foreign guy to test a Subaru Impreza 1.6 manual with one of the Class 95 radio deejays as witness as passenger in the car.

Some important info: Subaru Kerb weight is 1.25 tons. Fuel consumption statistics is 1 litre: 12km. All Wheel Drive (Uses more fuel than 2 wheel drive). Boxer engine : also uses more fuel.

That guy using one full tank of fuel 50 litres, travelled from Singapore to Genting Highlands and back to Singapore with 7 litres left in his fuel tank! The statisics : 1 litre : 29 km! Dun believe? BELIEVE IT! Its been proven. This guy understands full consumption better than anyone. Lives to prove it. I believed it.

So the next time u guys talk about fuel consumption, think before u talk. There are simply so much variables to consider before one can make a good neutral judgement. My list above is really not exhaustive and conclusive. There are many more points. I have already listed most of the important ones. Hope all these can be of use to your driving in Singapore when fuel has become quite expensive.

Cheers All Drivers! (For those with no driving license? Go take ur driving test la!)

" Where your talents and the needs of the world cross lies your calling"

"Focus is the process of diverting one's scattered forces into one powerful channel"

Friday, October 21, 2005

The Things I like

Video Of The Day : 成龙 and 金善喜- 神话
Music Of The Day : Westlife - My Love

Hmm.... I like alot of things.

I am not a particularly fussy person who has strong specifics in life. I do however, have likes as much as anyone else. So I am gonna talk about what I like.

1. Music
I like playing the Guitar. Have been playing since 14 years old. My elder sister used to be from the Saint Andrew's Junior College Guitar Club President or something and she taught me the fabulous art of finger plucking, strumming and rhythm playing. I am not all that good of course(I'd be making a career out of it if I was all that good).

Used to play for church cell groups and led in worship in those days. I was like 16 to 22 then? Most of the song pieces I know are christian music but because I learnt guitar playing by hearing instead of chord memorizing, I could play quite a variety of songs as long as I knew the song. My Boss is always trying to get me to play some songs for his amusement. Sigh... Stress sia... But I like to play the guitar. Used to spend quiet time on it. Now, its only use would be to seranade gals! kekeke.....

Tried playing the piano. Failed miserably. Sigh. I have a Clavinova Piano in my room. Bought it about 2 or 3 years back. Was trying my hand in learning the thoeretical notes and playing with both hands. It got harder and harder as I realised that I was attempting to play the same music piece again and again and again. It was like wasting so much time on it. Yet it wasn't my favourite music piece. It got alittle torturous. But I like the concert performance put up by Richard Clayderman once at Singapore Indoor Stadium. Went with one ex-colleague, Irene Lee then. It was long long time ago. Aiya, now just stare at my electronic Clavinova, press a button and let the music play by itself! Hahaha! I would learn it again if anyone is kind enough to teach a bird brain like myself.

2. Sports
Needless to say I love POOL! I think its the best game around. It took me like 15 years to discover the beauty of this game and the practicality of it. Looks simple but damn tough game. Lots of snooker players think this game of pool is too simple. They are so so wrong. Steve Davis hasn't won any world title yet. None of the World Snooker players won Pool Titles yet. Why? They underestimate the strength of the game pool. Hey, I have got a 9 ft pool table in my house!

Here are some reasons why Pool is great:

  • U can still play the game when you are old at 50 or 60.
  • All weather game because its indoors
  • No need to perspire coz its indoor and aircon
  • Not a very physical game
  • Fat or thin, you can play
  • Gender sex has no advantage
  • Business talk is very possible
  • Professional and classy looking game (minus the smokers!)
  • Affordable game (Compared to Golf)
  • Still in its developmental stage(So u can still be a top player)
  • Easy to learn, Hard to master

The list is of course not exhaustive. But kinda explains why I love this game!

Used to play football since young at 10 years old. Played till I was 17. Won some 4 trophys in football tournaments. Still kept them. Played as a midfielder and striker then. Loved the game then. Captained my school team against many other schools. Even played in MILO 7-aside football tournament. Was never really outstanding but we sure did well at certain stages. Used to love Liverpool then. Today's Liverpool sucks big time. Chelsea's good though. I still like watching some big games like England's Football Team.

Played basketball from 16 to 19. Joined Seletar Institute Basketball Team and played in 'A' Division Basketball Nationals. Played as Centre coz I was really tall at 179cm. It was tough and exciting in those days roughing out in the courts. Remembered playing the division games in Clementi Sports Hall. Got a Certificate of Commendation from my school for good achievement in basketball. No more Michael Jordan....... no more fun. Too old for this strenuous activity too.

Tried bowling. Have my own ball. Never excelled in the game. Ever bowled 200 points a couple of times. Rare but true. Mostly averaging 130 to 160 points. But realised then that pool is better. Felt stupid that I had to bowl the same action in the lanes again and again. Opponents cannot make your game more difficult. You are your worst enemy. That's all there is to the game. Could not see beyond the intrinsic value of the game. Still have my own personal ball though. 14 pounds hook ball.

3. Computer / Games
Computer Gaming
Loved to play computer games. My favourite ones include role-playing games(not the ones on the bed), strategy ones ( As in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Command & Conquer) and first-person shooter ones like Battlefield 2 and CounterStrike Source. Now presently I am playing DragonShard. An Advance Dungeons and Dragons type of game. Fantasy game with Dragons, Dwaven Fighters, Human Clerics, Elven Archers and Sorcerors etc. Started in computing since the days of XT computer systems which evolved to AT 386 and 486 systems leading on to Pentium I, II, III and IV systems now. Still love gaming.

Loved my Xbox. Gave a brand new set to Kristina and Glendon Koh. Remembered playing Dynasty Warriors on my parallel import US set. Also loved playing Battlegrounds: Magic The Gathering. Simulation games are fun too!

Card Games
Not poker la... Me poor in gambling games. Used to play Magic:The Gathering trading card game. Learnt to form the most efficient deck of cards using whatever resources I could possibly gather. Learnt an important concept in life: Make the best with what you have got, you can still win it. Err... never won anything big though. Still kept one powerful deck for memory's sake. Oh I like Boggle too. Not a card game but worth mentioning though recently lost straight 5 times to someone. Cannot believe it. Sigh... Brain getting old I guess. Never lost so many times before. Sigh.

5. Literary Works
Seldom read books. The books I am trying to complete at the moment are: The Complete Idiot's Guide To Pool, The Dummy's Guide to HTML 4, Moments for Singles and Talking Cock. NO MORE BOOKS PLS!!! Cannot finish them already. Books are tiring. Movies are better.

Oh I like reading magazines. When I was young I used to read FEMALE, HER WORLD etc. Now I like to read MOTORING, any computer magazines especially the game ones and occasionally entertainment hardware magazines. I like gadgets too you know.

6. Movies
I LOVE MOVIES! Except horror ones. My weaken pathetic heart cannot take the horrific scenes in horror shows. Keep me out it. Cannot sleep after watching it. 1st Horror show: Gremlins. Favourite romantic movie: Serendipity. Favourite medieval movie : Troy. Favourite Futuristic Movie: X-Men. Favourite All Time Movie: The Lord Of The Rings. Now I really really really enjoy watching all kinds of Korean Movies! Very very nice. Count the horror ones out.

7. Clubbing and Pubbing
Actually I like Clubbing and Pubbing. But I do feel that the company matters more. Its not where you go, Its who you go with. Generally I like going to Double O, Mdm Wong, Club Momo and Zouk. Dun mind Wine Bars too. Pubs like Brewerkz and small time pubs like Central is fine too. Hey, I do dance too you know. keke.... ain't much of a drinker but willing to try. Coke still taste nicer! Hahahaha... Me casual smoker. Kekeke... wait for girl to ask me to give up. Hahaha....

8. Food
I like:
  • Sweet and Sour Pork
  • Sambal Spicy Crab (The sauce super nice!)
  • Hotplate Beancurd
  • Spicy Froglegs
  • KFC chicken (Its really nice la...)
  • Pasta (Spaghetti...... you know what's that?)
  • Hagen Dazs Ice Cream (Wa..... super expensive but nice)
  • Salted Vegetable and Duck Soup!

Wa...... looks like quite alot of stuffs I talked about already. Hmmm...... well, just an insight into my life, into what I like and into some of my favourite things!!! kekeke.....

Maybe next time I will talk about what the heck I hate. Bet your dollar I will talk about Horror movies! keke..... Ok, time to koon. Sayonara and Sweet Dreams!

"A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself"

"Men who say it cannot be done should not interrupt men doing it"

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Welcome Kelly The Firebolt!

Hey Everyone,

Today will not be blogging much. Someone new to show you guys!

Introduce Kelly to you guys! Say Hi in the comments box to her okie! Welcome welcome ma... hehehe......

This is her blog :
Kelly-Fundamental Things Apply
Linked her up as Kelly Firebolt.

Oh she plays pool too. At least she tries...... Kekeke....

She had this little quiz on her blog regarding Dynasty Warriors which I could not help but wanted to know what I was. Took the short quiz and Wala! This is me!!! Proud sia...... Fun! Go try! U can click on the GUAN YU photo (representing me!) on the right sidebar. It will take u to the quiz area! Cute. Me GUAN YU!!! Yo Yo Yo!! I always like to use him in the game! Power dragon swipe man!!!! POWER! Ggggrrrrr........ Hehehhee....

"On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock"

"The difference between greatness and mediocrity is often how an individual views mistake..."

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sadness & Hope


There were 2 things that were really awful to know.

My auntie age about 60 plus is in her last days of her life. Auntie Jessie. She has cancer. Its terminal. The cancer cells has spread to her brain. The doctors said she has only about 8 months to live at most. From what I know, she is frail and weak. Sorrow and tears flood her family. She could not see more of tomorrow.

For her, tomorrow will not come. There is no IF.

I can't say I know her very well but it has caused so much of a stir amongst my family lines. All my aunties and uncles have suddenly awoken to the realities of life, that life itself can be unpredictable. All of them are around Auntie Jessie's age and are starting to worry if they would be next and what sorta illness they would succumb to.

They have all seen the pale look shown on Auntie Jessie's face. She had only alittle hair atop her head. Brain cancer. Sigh...... what else could be done? Yes, I myself have resigned to fate that its the end of the road. She has 3 children, all grown up with two of them married. Namely: Lionel, Kelvin and Jason. All above 29. Her husband, my uncle also called Uncle Frederick, is a sad man. Hope slips from their very hand now even as we speak.

The sorrows that pierced 7 families and shocked 18 cousins and many more grand-cousins, have simply stunned everyone. How cruel life can be when we dun treasure time and that it is suddenly taken from us.

These are true life accounts. Its happening right now. Its so sad... Yet we quarrel, fight and participate in war of every nature from military to blogs to relationships. I am truly sadden by this turn of events. I can't do much. I can't say much. I can only commit her to the Lord and let him decide.

Another sad thing happened. 2 of my close friends fought. Male and female. Literally they fought. Punches, scratches and cigarette butts were thrown. Blood dripped. Things were scattered. Commotion was caused. Shock rippled through the night. All in my full view. Its so so so sad. I had to tear both my friends apart...... Had to constantly remind them to see beyond the fog of misunderstanding and see the crucial BOTTOM LINE. It is they did love each other. Jealousy stood in the way. Extreme jealousy.

Blinded were they that more frustrations were expressed with every louder vocalisation. A peaceful night turned into a nightmare on elm street. I just could not believe it.

Both were very hurt emotionally. Yes and physically too. Both are aching in their hearts. I wonder if they would ever survive this ordeal. Both sacrificed their measures for each other. Both paid the price to be with each other. Both had spent much time together in love and harmony. Now the tranquility has been shattered. The serenity of their relationship would never be the same again.

My soulful reminder to them of their joys and laughter when they were together were met with tearful and hateful remarks. Cursing words and vulgarities filled the silent night. I have nothing left to say. My heart aches terribly to see another relationship fall. Both were my friends. I still loved them both. I am only human and can only do so much.

An impending death...... A broken relationship...... Many broken hearts...... God this world needs healing. Your Healing. Give us hope.

"Where are you, God?
Show yourself strong and let men see your glory
Move your hand across the nations and rest your peace on them all
Alas, God! Abandon them not, for I pray that I may stand in the gap
Your grace and mercy abounds plentiful, never ceases to amaze me

These are the days your people need to know you
Know you of your love, care and concern
Tears have flowed and flooded our palms
Our hearts have weakened and our knees have fallen

Health has been taken from one
Love has been stolen from another
Sorrows has been the Devil's gift
Pain and bitterness divides the couple in love

Show yourself God
Your unknowing people need you more than ever
Send your Angels to watch over your people in these times of need
And let your love once again hold us close


Monday, October 17, 2005

Men are Evil

Video Of The Day : Utada Hikaru - First Love
Music Of The Day : Ronan Keating - If Tomorrow Never Comes

*Sometimes video loading time may be alittle long. Patience is needed.

*Below's context is a subjective opinion and has no merits of any kind.


Ok, men are really awful creatures. Yes, most of us are anyway. Maybe including me. I always had a choice to be really evil and and bad, but I had hoped that I could as good as the next-door kid whom my parents always praise. How often is it that our parents praise other people's kids than ourselves?

As we grow older, we grow smarter. Smarter because we learn our lessons well. Once bitten twice shy. From young we were taught to be moralistic and righteous. Somehow, we grow up evil in the heart. Of course I do believe there are many out there who are still wonderful men and deserving of great and marvellous ladies. The arduous journey of growing up has resulted in young men exploring the boundaries of humanity and some have succumb to the evils of society.
What are the evils? Its kinda subjective here.

What I think is evil may not be what you think.

  1. Prostitution
  2. Gambling
  3. Vulgarities and Profanities(spoken or written)
  4. Sodomy or Promiscuity (affairs included)
  5. Greed for fame, power and money
  6. Lies and deceit
  7. Laziness
  8. Lack of respect for basic humanity
  9. Lack of social grace in today's modern world
  10. Parental disobedience or lack of filial piety

There would probably be more and the list may not be exhaustive. Maybe even women are guilty of some of the above but today I am talking about us, men. Men are probably more guilty of the above than women. Most of the above are found in almost all levels of society. The reasons for its existence are varied for which only the discerning individual will know.

I am evil albeit in a small way. Thus I know I have sinned. I am no moralist like I used to be. Sinners like me knows where I am going. Somewhere far south. I asked for no understanding from anyone, its not as if I do not know myself. Then again, "Let He who has not sinned cast the first stone". To admit one's flaws ain't shameful. We are only humans.

I said Men are evil because I think somehow in men's heart are one of the above 10 pointers. Either we are selfish or lazy or something. And men generally speaking has a greater proportion of these negative traits than women. Of course its just my personal opinion but I feel its largely true. That's why men are more savage when it comes to war.

For women, to find a prospective boyfriend or husband is to find someone who has lesser of those traits. The least the better.

For us guys, its to continually being aware of how bad we could be, be grateful that we aren't all that bad and strive to be a good boy. Well, the least we could do is...... try to be good.

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different"

"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem"

Friday, October 14, 2005



A betrayal of loyalty. A betrayal of a code of honour. I have been betrayed.

Decided to trust someone. Tried my best to use my resources at my disposal to be close. Someone embraced my enemies. And closed me down the ranks. Thought someone knew me. But I was wrong. I have done enough to prove myself yet it simply wasn't enough. Apparently that someone prefers a flood of other people than myself. Enough said.

The reason why SOME men isn't ready to get into relatioships is because SOME women cannot be trusted.

Thank you but no thanks.

Joan Ang's Wedding

Video Of The Day : Two Cheena Punks - I Want It That Way (Damn Funny)
Music Of The Day : West Life - I Will Be There

The video is damn funny! I thought the two Chinese Punks are kinda cute. Not bad in their acting! Also showed some of their "NO-Good takes!" Hahaha... watch it for some laughs! Hahahaha.....

Oct 13th Thursday night, I had gone to Marina Mandarin Hotel to attend Joan Ang's Wedding. Joan is my Hyundai Ex-colleague. Now she is happily married to Benjamin aka Ah Bee. Some great photos for you guys to see! Dun salivate too much okie? Real Babes here!

Joan Ang's Wedding Photos!
You can also click on the Flickr picture at the bottom right. Lotsa babes to see!!!

Lately I have been rather busy with my job. Ain't exactly all that free to blog anything. As you guys can see, I usually put in quite an amount of effort to blog something worth looking at. So if you have been patient then good for you cause you have got something new to look at!! This particular blog post has some elements of humour to keep you guys alive and laughing instead of the gloomy and moody face! Cheer up! Nice pic on the right! Practise safe sex. Hahaha... Hehe....

Ok, down to somethings I would like to talk about. I hate anonymous pricks. Its no different from the real world in which Terrorist (anonymous ones) come wreaking havoc without any sense of responsibilities. They whack, accuse and make irresponsible comments in which they are not willing to own up! If they dared to show themselves and comment, I would respect them truly.

In Straits Times Forum, if you wanna have your letter published, you would need to reveal all identity details about yourself. If any is lacking, believe it, your letter would not be published or it may be published with lots of editing.

I exercise my rights in my world here. Comments are for bloggers. Not any anonymous people who act as if they are real pricks. Irritating I should say. If any anonymous pricks wanna blurt out their stupid remarks, they can always use my tagboard which allows them anonymous posting. But then again, based on the first in first out method, whatever comments sooner or later gets deleted as discussions on the tagboard gets longer. I do not need to prove anything to anyone in my world. I have no wish to read other blogs in which readership is boosted by lots of anonymous people. Pardon me, but I prefer comments only from true blue bloggers. So for anonymous pricks, kiss my ass!

Presently now I am exploring what Elvina and Xishi has been playing with.
The FaceAnalyzer! Will see who the heck I am match up with. I had one pic matching up to Jackie Chan! Wa lao...... real or not? Hahhaha.. for laughs la.....

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplisment."

"Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself. Being true to anyone else or anything else is not only impossible, but the mark of a fake messiah."

Monday, October 10, 2005

Windstruck, Hyundai Azera & Courage

Video Of The Day : Windstruck Trailer
Music Of The Day : Michael Buble - You'll never know

Windstruck. A Korean love show between a female cop and a male teacher. Loved this movie so much... Watched this movie with one of my ex gf then. We both loved the movie so much then. Still remembered that she loved the movie so much, that even after we broke up, I still went in search of the vcd all over Singapore just to find this vcd although we have already watched it in the cinema. It was a Christmas present for her in 2004. Well, everything came to nothing. Sigh. Its a very very romantic show. I actually cried... I can't believe it but I really did cry. The ending of the show is simply too touching... One of the many best korean films. That's why I have always loved alot of Korean shows. So so so humane and touching. Watch this MTV, then do yourself a favour, go find the vcd and buy it. Worth every minute of your time watching it.

Michael Buble : Oct 10th 8pm Singapore Indoor Stadium

Since Michael's in town tonight Oct 10th at the Indoor Stadium, thought I should continue another of his lovely romantic songs playing on my blog. Lovely. Sweet and so romantic... Enjoy his music. If you have the budget, do watch his concert. My colleague Grace Low will be watching the show with her mum! Oh... how fortunate... My envy... Bo bian... No budget. I just love all these romantic lovey dovey crooning... keke....

Hyundai Azera

Azera.... The new Hyundai Flagship car. Looks beautiful and I am impressed with the features that come with this affordable car costing $103000. 3.3 V6 engine. There were so many features in this car that normally Hyundai would not offer in its Singapore Product lineup. For this price, its really superb value for money with lotsa extravagant luxuries. Published in the car review section of Straits Times on Saturday. There are so many little things that went into this car and at this price I thought its quite a steal. Take a look at this car and know AZERA!

Price : $103000 with COE
Engine : 3342cc 24-valve V6
Gearbox : 5-Speed Automatic
Power : 235 bhp at 6000 rpm
Torque : 304 Nm at 3500rpm
Top Speed : 237kmh
0-100kmh : 7.8 seconds
Fuel Consumption : 10.2 litres/100km

Sunday, Oct 9th. This day was really hectic. Singapore Car COE prices plunged $3000 plus on average sending COE to its all time low of $11000 plus across the board. Car prices followed with a plunge too. The car showrooms all over Singapore were flooded with human traffic. The crowds were immense and got me and my colleagues all so busy. I

stood the whole day and got really hungry and tired. We were serving and serving and serving. Countless queries answered and many test-drives conducted. We the sales staffs were simply worn out. We had our breather when dinner, which was kindly provided for by my company, was served at 8pm. It was then we really breathed a sigh of relief.

Of course we were glad the showrooms were crowded and thus improving business potential. I am glad but I am tired out. Suffered abrasion on my inner thigh close to my hamstring. Walking became a huge problem. Pain pain pain... Damn serious man. It's alot worse than I expected. Sigh. Now resting at home with powder soothing my abrasive wound. Hopefully it will heal fast or I will be in deep shit coz if not, I doubt I would be able to walk much thus not being able to work. Dun wanna miss my duties you know.

I have not been blogging since Thursday because I have been tired out with my work. Not that it has been particularly fruitful but that the commitment to perform surely zapped my health away. Me getting old you know? hehehe... Big 3 coming la....

Hmmm.... one Question. Does anyone know who is Patrizio Buanne?? Darn romantic foreign singer. In the same crooning league as Michael Buble. Will go search for his music cds. Heard him once. Very solid. Very opera.

Just heard another crooning group called IL DIVO on Star World Channel 18 SCV. Err... whatever that means. But its a 4 man singing group. Also singing some foreign songs. Very nice too!! Wa lao.... so many things to do, so many songs to listen and so little time.

Was at Borders at about 9pm. Haven't been to the retailer that markets a huge library of books recently. As I went through the shelves I discover that two type of books dominated the entire showroom of books. They were "***** for Dummies" and "The Complete Idiot's guide to *****"! They have almost practically anything in these two versions. I was like... wow... Even saw once that says,"The Complete Idiot's guide to The Most Amazing SEX!" Oh my gosh! That was kinda like awesome! Damned! The book was sealed in plastic coverings! Yea... they should seal the book up lest some creamy stuff ends up on it!

Hahaha..... Yeah....Anyway we singaporeans need to be taught la.... Hahahah... alternatively we could read Sarong Party Girl's blog and get some free tips too! Kekeke..... Xiaxue too young for these stuffs! Haha!!

So if you guys need some books on any self-improvement matter, go search these books out at Borders at Orchard Road Lane Crawford Building okie? hehehe.... Impart and share your talents when you have achieved something okie??

The most important in my life is, " Be Happy". I seek only happiness in my this life. It can come in any form. If money can enhance the quality of my life and make me happy, sure why not? If good friends form the silver linings in my life, sure why not? If pool and movies cheer me up, sure why not?

The point is to seek your happiness the way you want it. Have courage to seek your happiness. Recently I have heard of a few friends who were sacrificing their happiness because they lacked courage to face their fears, too much filial piety towards parents and bad relationship experiences resulting in their prolonged misconception that they themselves are unattractive.

Be brave. Have the courage to face reality in life. Its not wallowing in self pity. Its not good enough to simply say," others do not understand". Its all a choice. A matter of courage. A decision. I have this to say. You have a dream. Go chase it. Take COURAGE and run after your dreams. Do not EVER let anyone stop you. Not parents, brothers, sisters, friends, ex bf or gf, careers and most of all, yourself. Run, my friend, run. Destiny lies in your hands. Future is what you make out of it. God has given you choices. CHOOSE! Believe in yourself! Wizard of Oz has this Lion who does not have courage. Do not be like him. Be of good courage my friends! Stand up for yourself and live out your dreams in this life!

" Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there!"

"Talk without effort is nothing."