Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 : Start Your Engines!

Happy New Year To Whomsoever Is Reading This

My apologies for such an extended long delay in my postings. I have been rather busy and tied up with so much to do and with so little time to spare. This short little update is to review alittle of what I have been doing lately and what I have done this year.

December 2005
A busy month for car industry. Concluded a company dinner recently and awards were given out in which unexpectedly, I was one of the named recipients.

Top Salesman Awards
1st - Roger Lim $3600
2nd - Michael Goh $3000
3rd - Lily Pang $2400

Consistent Performance Awards
1. Alan Seah $1600
2. Elise Toh $1000
3. Cheryl Lee $1000
4. Daniel Ling $1000 (Its me! Its me! Its me, Jade!)
5. Nicholas Wong $1000

Best Newcomer Award
*Eddie Lee $1000


  • Office political division amongst my staffs because of my exgf. $$$
  • Went through last 5 Reservist, Armour! Estimated loss - $3000
  • Passed IPPT with $100 incentive!
  • Joined California Fitness Membership on Infinity Lifetime Membership. $4000
  • Had Lasik Surgery (6/6 vision now). $4000.
  • Played the best game noted ever : World of Warcraft. $125
  • Placed a pool table in my home. $6000
  • Car Tyre Change $400
  • Home Carpeting $2000

*Loving Someone In My Life And Receiving The Love From Her - Priceless

*For other things there is Mastercard !

I have not had time to wish anyone Merry Christmas or Happy New Year. Here, let me wish all who reads this Happy New Year!

2005 has been a year of tough times for me. Mainly because the car industry went through a period of turmoil and that I was recovering from a breakup. Lasik Surgery and the purchase of my pool table were the main highlights in my life this year. Blogging also became a past time. 2005 has ended. Maybe I can ask this question now. How much have you REALLY done to show the one whom you really love that you REALLY love her or him in the year of 2005? Whatever your answer is, I hope you are satisfied with it. I have done my best. I have done more than what most people can do. I am not superman nor batman. Just a mere normal human attempting to do extra things in an ordinary life.

The New Year 2006

I know little about what is to happen in this year. I endeavour to organise my life well and fulfill my set out objectives systematically. I need to increase my level of discipline in whatever I do. I will not be put down by anyone. Whatever problems other have is really none of my business. If its my business to bother, then its called SHARING.

I have not set out my list of objectives yet. I doubt I will do it. I just wanna improve myself overall. I give myself no excuses and care not for other's opinions. I just wanna run my life and be happy. Happiness is my priority. I hope everyone reading this will be blessed with utmost happiness too.

Happy 2006!

"The Old Must Go, That The New May Come!"